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Stringer’s dramatic plan to turn BQE into elevated park wins praise

A truck-only highway to run underneath Promenade

March 13, 2019 Mary Frost
The proposal calls for covering the Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens BQE trench with an elevated park. The rendering above is one of several possible designs for a linear park. Rendering via dlandstudio

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer has released his own proposal for the reconstruction of two miles of the decrepit BQE — a plan dramatically different from that of the Department of Transportation. Stringer’s strategy, published on Wednesday, would eliminate cars, run trucks along a two-lane thruway at the bottom level of the triple cantilever and turn the rest into a new linear park.

Neighborhood groups praised the idea for addressing long-term community concerns and for its forward thinking. They also gave Stringer kudos for consulting with them before releasing the plan — something they said the city initially neglected to do with its $3.4 billion proposal.

The DOT’s controversial proposal would run a temporary BQE bypass over the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for a minimum of six years. Residents of the Heights are up in arms over the scheme, which would bring the noise and pollution of 153,000 vehicles a day up to street level.

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