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Brooklyn Eagle readers sound off over fate of BQX

What Our Readers Are Saying: 2/21

February 21, 2019 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Here is a selection of some of the more insightful and engaging comments from the last week. They have been lightly edited for clarity. Want to contribute? Use Disqus at the bottom of the Eagle’s articles.

Re “BQX streetcar plan jeopardized by Amazon withdrawal” (Feb. 21)

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“If the city were really serious, the consultant would already be reaching out to the community, and gathering technical information. Will this be a redux of the ‘junk’ circa 2011 City DOT Red Hook trolley study — where 92 percent of the allocated federal money never got spent on the actual study and then vanished out the door? — ROBERT DIAMOND

“As I have previously and often remarked about BQX, this is a pipedream now on its deathbed. Prolonged by a week or so by Mayor de Blasio and his developer supporters … Our mayor has done some great things; the BQX has not been anything but a waste of the public attention and tax money. Sad. — TREVOR HARRIS

Re “Historic Center for Fiction opens new home today in Fort Greene” (Feb. 20)

“The Board of this established institution shamefully put their historic Midtown building up for sale without formally notifying the membership. We only learned about it in a Times article! — DAVID ST. CLAIR WILDER

Re “LongPoint Bridge connecting Greenpoint to Long Island City gains momentum” (Feb. 11)

“I agree that this is a splendid idea that would connect two rapidly growing areas of western Queens and northern Brooklyn with relatively minimal expenditures. The existing Pulaski Bridge to the east is a nightmare to access by foot or bike. (It was built for car, truck and bus traffic, and is heavily used.) —  STANCHAZ

“Yes to the bridge. No to cyclists. New York is not a civil place. The convergence of high-speed cyclists and pedestrians, traveling in two directions, will be deadly. The bridge, as rendered, is far too narrow for that.” — IMNOVICTIM

Re “Public advocate candidates blast mayor’s SHSAT plan” (Feb. 15)

“The Deptartment of Education should give out details about the SHSAT exam as early as two years in advance so all students are aware of it and have time to prepare. Right now they only tell students at the end of 7th Grade, so the students only have one summer to prepare, which obviously is not enough time because they test is very difficult. — ECHIP

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