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Sketches of Court: Defendant responsible for collision but not damages

January 25, 2019 By Alba Acevedo Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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In this courtroom sketch, Hon. David Vaughan listens as defendant’s attorney Darren Brooks (standing), of the law offices of Karen L. Lawrence, summarizes his arguments for the jury in the motor vehicle accident summary jury trial Gomez v. Gonzalez. At right is plaintiff’s attorney Matthew Kauget, of the law offices of Gary P. Kauget.

While liability for the accident was not in dispute, the attorneys argued over damages. It was determined in summary judgment that the defendant was wholly responsible for the rear-end collision in Nassau County.

Gomez, a 40-year-old Brooklyn resident and a medical salesperson at the time of the accident, testified to having endured a medium-hard impact that pushed her company vehicle forward and crushed the bumper. She claims to have been seriously injured and to have subsequently missed more than 100 days of work. Gomez continues to complain of neck and back pain.

Brooks maintained that any injuries as a result of the February 2013 accident had resolved, and he sought to implicate a more recent accident as the cause of Gomez’ current assertions of continued pain and discomfort. Gomez may have denied being injured in a subsequent accident, but Brooks cited delayed treatment, dates of doctor visits and missed work as coinciding more with a doctor’s notation in a medical record of the mention of a later collision.

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The jury ruled for the defendant, unanimously determining that there were no damages in the trial that resolved in Kings County Civil Term.

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