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3 arrested in Park Slope Airbnb attack

January 14, 2019 By Todd Maisel Brooklyn Daily Eagle

A wild house party at a Park Slope Airbnb on Sunday sent the owner to the hospital and officers on a foot pursuit, leading to the arrest of three individuals. 

The owners of a basement apartment on Garfield Place regretted renting out their space after the unit was taken over by a large group of men and women for a weekendlong party, complete with loud music, alcohol marijuana. 

By Sunday, the partying had lasted for days and the people inside began damaging the apartment, prompting the property owners, a married couple, to demand the renters leave the unit and return the keys, according to a source familiar with the case. The owners were also concerned that minors were being served alcohol. 

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After the 45-year-old husband made his request to the group, he was beaten in the face and body. His wife called police as the alleged attacker fled on foot towards Prospect Park.

Officers from the 78th Precinct, including Denise Pacheco, raced to the scene and found emergency responders tending to the injured man. Officer Pacheco, along with others, went in pursuit of the fleeing assailants and nabbed at least one of the suspects in front of the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch.

Officer Pacheco’s partner Officer Kevin Loney tackled another alleged suspect to the ground.

The owner of the apartment was sent to a local hospital for treatment for his injuries.

Jameek Paige and Dayvon Bostick-Samuel were each charged with two counts of felony third-degree criminal mischief, third-degree menacing, misdemeanor assault and second-degree harassment. A fourth man was released from custody after the victim could not make a positive identification.


Paige, 17, and Bostick-Samuel, 20, were released on their own recognizance after arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Monday. If convicted, they face up to 4 years in prison.

A 15-year-old suspect will be charged as a minor in Family Court.

The owner said that $300 worth of property was damaged.

A source close to the case said the apartment had been legally rented hundreds of times, but warned: “Be careful who you let in your house. [This is a ] wake up call for anyone renting to people you don’t know.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article used the word “gang” in the headline to describe the suspects, but there was no indication from law enforcement or anyone else that this was gang related. The Eagle regrets the error. 

Police take one of the suspects to the 78th Precinct.

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  1. Brian J. Lockner

    I was the victim of this assault and literally every part of this article is incorrect, other than my age, the number of aggressors, and the crimes they are charged with. I knew who the men were who attacked me, and they were not in any way connected to a gang. Yes they assaulted me, and hurt me, but this was not gang violence, nor was it random, nor was it likely connected to any other violence in the area. And they didn’t steal my house keys… I’m not sure how you get away with calling this journalism in any way.


      Sorry. This was what police told me. Sometimes, the police version is not what is. Sometimes the initial reports and what we are told at the scene in the end dont jive with what actually happened. Call me, let’s get this straight. 646-872-5374


    call me. Im the one who reported this. Unfortunately, police accounts are not always correct. I want to set the record straight. I wish I could’ve talked to you there. You probably saw me in outside the police car you were in. I really couldnt see you. I can only go by what police tell me at that point. I didnt have any oither witnesses, and as you can see from pix, it was a significant incideht 646-872-5374

    • Britton Woodruff

      How about reaching out and doing some journalistic investigation as opposed to scanner chasing! This is why people walk around thinking every group of kids is a gang. This is why innocent kids get shot. You are, allegedly, a journalist. You have a responsibility. Did you ask why the police thought it was gang related? You never know what story you May have uncovered based on the officer response to that question. Ask questions, don’t just take the information provided.


    SORRY, I can only go with what I am told. I was the one outside the police car taking photos. I spoke with a number of officers who concurred with the story. DCPI didnt have any further details so I went with what I was told,. Let’s set the record straight. Call me at 646-872-5374

  4. Todd Maisel. Reporting what the police tell you is clearly not reporting the facts.(Particularly when they refer to people as “wolf packs,” perhaps you should wonder at their take. At a minimum talk to local crime stopping groups. A shame the police can’t be trusted–but really all sources should be checked.