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Brooklyn sex toy company fires back at MTA for ad ban

January 11, 2019 By Meaghan McGoldrick Brooklyn Daily Eagle
A Williamsburg-based sex toy company is firing back at the MTA after the agency pulled its ad campaign, but not others of its kind. Eagle file photo by Jaime DeJesus.
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Owners of a Brooklyn sex toy company have a bone to pick with the MTA after its carefully constructed advertising campaign was banned by the agency before its launch.

According to Patch, the Williamsburg-based Dame Products was granted consent for subway ads depicting one of its toys in early October, the sex toy purveyors’ CEO Alexandra Fine said. However, after giving the company approval, the MTA halted its campaign about two months later, claiming that the ads promote a “sexually oriented business.”

Patch noted that this is not the first time the agency has given the runaround to a sex toy company. Last spring, the agency publicly announced that it would allow sex toy retailer Unbound to advertise in the subways. Though, according to Unbound’s CEO, that campaign also came up short. Dame claims other arguably provocative ads for similar businesses have been allowed to run.

Dame has since taken to their own website to share their story in hopes supporters will log their complaints with the MTA. The North Brooklyn company is also using their platform to remind people that #PleasureIsHealth.

“This is more than just about some guidelines,” Dame wrote. “We don’t think a state transit agency should wield so much de facto power over whether we can bridge the gap between the health perks that vibrators offer and the people who stand to benefit most from them.”

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