New Bushwick grocery store doesn’t have bags or containers

January 8, 2019 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Councilmember Rafael Espinal introduced legislation last May to ban all plastic straws from New York City restaurants, bars and food carts. Photo by William Alatriste, NYC Council
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Many cities across the country have enacted bans on plastic bags. New York City, for example, just banned foam containers and some officials have called for bans of plastic straws. Now, a store has opened in Bushwick that doesn’t give bags or packages at all.

If you visit Precycle at 321 Starr St., you’ll have to bring your own bag or container, according to Grub Street. Products are sold in bulk, and the aisles are filled with large bins of legumes, pasta, flour, produce and spices.

While in the past such stores have mainly appealed to aging hippies, Grub Street said, now some millennials are becoming interested. Lower prices are one of the draws for the store.

“It seems fair to say that the New Yorkers who flock to Whole Foods and Fairway to load their carts with weeks’ (or even months’) worth of groceries won’t be regulars at Precycle, but even in the store’s earliest days, it feels like a truly positive step forward,” Grub Street said.

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