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December 5: ON THIS DAY IN 1952, Eisenhower on route home after secret Korean tour

December 5, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle Brooklyn Daily Eagle

ON THIS DAY IN 1952, the Eagle reported, “Enroute Home With Eisenhower, Dec. 5 (UP) — President-elect Eisenhower started home tonight after getting the ‘feel’ of the Korean war in a top-secret three-day tour which included conferences with top commanders and chow with fighting men in sight of the battle line. ‘Much can be done to improve our position,’ he said. ‘Much will be done.’ The former five-star general was convinced that American aid to South Korea should be increased, but he was equally convinced that the war should not be allowed to spread. And he added that he arrived at ‘no panaceas, no trick ways of settling any problems.’ … Eisenhower’s trip, from his departure from his New York headquarters right to the battle line, was conducted behind a curtain of secrecy. News of it was not released until after he had left Korea and his Military Air Transport Service Constellation was safely out of the reach of Communist fighters.”


ON THIS DAY IN 1842, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported, “The new constitution of Rhode Island, which has been accepted by the people, such as chose to vote, provides that every male native citizen, residing two years in the state and six months in the town, having registered his name and paid a tax of 1 dollar, or performed military duty, shall have a right to vote.”


ON THIS DAY IN 1876, the Eagle reported, “Several hundred persons were present at the unveiling of the Horace Greeley memorial in Greenwood Cemetery yesterday afternoon. These included representatives from the various typographical unions, the employees of the New York Tribune, New York and vicinity journalists, and friends and admirers of the eminent editor. A platform was erected over the Greeley plot, in which sat a number of ladies and distinguished gentlemen. The exercises were begun with a prayer by the Rev. Dr. E.H. Chapin, the old pastor of Mr. Greeley. Mr. William H. Bodwell then made the formal presentation of the monument to the trustees.”

It was also reported, “The widely celebrated drama of ‘The Two Orphans’ was presented at the Brooklyn Theatre last evening on a scale, as to human and mechanical interpretation, which certainly made a near approach to the common idea of perfection. The audience, although in point of numbers it was scarcely on a par with the claims of the occasion, was visibly moved during the progress of the play and must have left the theatre with an impression of the performance such as it itself ought to prove no bad advertisement of its excellence. The applause was frequent, hearty and spontaneous, and in response to it the curtain had to be raised after nearly every one of the seven tableaux, by which the action of the piece is articulated.”


ON THIS DAY IN 1925, the Eagle reported, “Key West, Fla., Dec. 4 (AP) — The steamer Cotopaxi, out of Charleston, was reported as missing to Coast Guard headquarters here tonight. Institution of a search for the vessel was asked. Patrol boats have been ordered to leave port here tomorrow to hunt for the steamer. SOS calls were reported to have been heard from the ship several days ago.” The Cotopaxi and its 32 crew members were never found and the ship is linked to theories about the Bermuda Triangle. In the 1977 Steven Spielberg film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” it reappears in the Gobi Desert.


ON THIS DAY IN 1937, the Eagle reported, “London, Dec. 4 (U.P) — The theft of a wooden box containing relics from the tomb of Tutankhamen, ancient Egyptian ruler, which were addressed to the Brooklyn Museum, was revealed by police today. The box was stolen yesterday from a truck in the East End district. The relics were valued at approximately $350 (approximately $1,750) and were being transferred from a ship from Egypt to a New York bound boat. It contained a model axe and knife, beads, a base, bracelets, the figure of an ape, scarabs, a green blaise amulet and a harpoon. Scotland Yard was engaged in the search for the culprits tonight.”



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