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What Our Readers Are Saying: December 3

December 3, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle editors welcome opinions, both pro and con, on all subjects affecting our daily lives, as well as responses to the articles and opinion pieces published in this paper.

Here is a selection of some of the more insightful and engaging comments from the last week. Want to contribute? Use Disqus at the bottom of the Eagle’s articles.


Re LISTEN: Will the Watchtower sign be replaced with the word ‘Brooklyn!’? (Nov. 29)

“When an artist offered the idea of Lady Liberty, he didn’t chisel ‘Welcome to USA!’ on it. Art reflects and says things, and its a stretch to use old Brooklyn Dodger lettering and name a borough/billboard to call it art.” — JOE NARDIELLO (via Facebook)

* * *

Re BQE repair options may be curtailed by new construction at Brooklyn Bridge Park (Nov. 28)

“The BBP management has always marched to different drummers. It’s as if no one and nothing exists outside the Park. Witness the many times their actions— or lack of [it] — have adversely affected neighboring Brooklyn Heights, Fulton Ferry or Cobble Hill, from traffic and pedestrian issues to crime in the park.” — ANDREW PORTER  (via Disqus)

* * *

Re Dreamland roller rink coming to Industry City (Nov. 26)

“What wonderful news to have a new roller rink be born in Brooklyn! The Prospect Park Dreamland Roller Discos are magical and I imagine this place will be a joy. You can find me there on wheels.” — JONATHAN ROCKEY (via Disqus)

* * *

Re Brooklyn Heights Association presents alternative BQE plan, challenges DOT to think outside the box (Nov. 21)

“Let’s see: Do we want to adversely affect many small and large buildings that back onto the Promenade and their perhaps thousands of residents — not to mention the thousands of tourists and local businesses — or do we want to temporarily impact the dirt berms along the eastern edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park?


“To my mind, this is a no-brainer.” — ANDREW PORTER (via Disqus)


“Better idea: Do away with the BQE permanently. After decades of ruining our city (and planet), it’s time for motorists to be inconvenienced for once.” — LIKES2LURK (via Disqus)

* * *

Re After Amazon HQ2 deal, Atlantic Yards serves as a warning (Nov. 15)

“You’re totally correct is comparing the Atlantic yards to this. Few people joined us on the picket lines and yet it turned out just as we predicted: We gave away too many tax incentives for so few jobs in the end and corrupt New York politics pushed thru lies that secured the deal and the ensuing permanent traffic tie up.


“For what? A good location to make a profit off real estate. — DAWN DEW (via Disqus)

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