Apartment Building to Tower over Shore Parkway

November 21, 2018 Paula Katinas
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Developer Planning 30-Story Structure at Former Haym Salomon Site

A vacant Bensonhurst lot that community leaders have called an eyesore will be empty no more now that a developer has obtained building permits to construct a high-rise apartment house at the site.

The developer, a company called LandPex, is constructing a 30-story, mixed-use building at 1625 Shore Parkway after having secured the necessary permits from the New York City Department of Buildings.

NewYorkYimby.com was the first to report that LandPex had obtained permits for the building.

A sign posted at the walled-off construction site lists the property owner as Cropsey Partners LLC, a company based in Flushing. The sign also contains an architect’s rendering of the new building showing commercial space on the first floor with apartments on the floors above.

Longtime Bensonhurst residents might remember that the property formerly housed the Haym Salomon Nursing Home. The nursing home’s front entrance faced Cropsey Avenue, around the corner from Shore Parkway.

In the1980s and 1990s, Community Board 11 held its monthly meetings at the Haym Salomon Home, according to Marnee Elias-Pavia, the board’s district manager. In recent years, the community board has conducted its business at the Bensonhurst Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare at 1740 84th St.

The construction site, which stretches from Shore Parkway to Cropsey Avenue, is located next door to the current site of the nursing home, now called the Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The nursing home moved next door to its current location at 2340 Cropsey Ave. approximately a dozen years ago.

Neighborhood residents will be relieved to see the start of construction at 1625 Shore Parkway, Elias-Pavia predicted. “That lot was an eyesore for many years,” she told this newspaper.

At 30 stories, the new building will be the tallest structure in the neighborhood by far, according to Elias-Pavia. “Most of the buildings in the area are, at the most, 10 stories tall. If you have an apartment on an upper floor in the new building, the view will probably be amazing,” she said.

Hill West Architects is the firm designing the 278,344-square-foot building at 1625 Shore Parkway, NewYorkYimby.com reported.When it is completed, the building will have 243 apartments and 165 enclosed parking spaces.

Construction is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020.

The property is located a few blocks away from the Ceasar’s Bay Shopping Center at 8949 Bay Parkway and just three blocks from Bensonhurst Park, a popular recreation area on the corner of Bay Parkway and Cropsey Avenue.

The new apartment house will match in height the Avalon Brooklyn Bay, a 30-story-residential development at 1501 Voorhies Ave. in Sheepshead Bay. That building, which is located next to the Sheepshead Bay Road subway station on the Q/B lines, boasts 180 apartments.

Bensonhurst community leaders are hoping the Shore Parkway building will help ease a housing crunch in the neighborhood.

Community Board 11 has seen a population boom in recent years, Elias-Pavia said. “We have a large number of residents move into our community,” she told this newspaper.

Many community leaders have expressed concern, however, about the possibility that the city’s infrastructure won’t be able to keep up with the increasing numbers of residents.

“We need to have the appropriate level of services, including sanitation, transportation, police and fire. The level of services has remained the same, despite the fact that we have many more people living here now,” Elias-Pavia said.

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