Bay Ridge

Trump robocalls heard in Bay Ridge, link Max Rose to Pelosi, Waters

Doesn't prevent win over Dan Donovan

November 7, 2018 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Photo courtesy of Max Rose's office

The Republican Party sent taped robocalls of President Trump to 55,000 households in Southwest Brooklyn and Staten Island’s 11th Congressional District, asking them to vote for incumbent U.S. Rep. Dan Donovan, a Republican. But Max Rose has defeated Donovan, flipping a House seat to the Democrats.

“We can’t afford Pelosi liberal Max Rose in Congress,” Trump said in the taped message, according to the New York Post. “Liberal Democrat Max Rose may be good for Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, but he will be terrible for New York, including substantially raising your taxes,” Trump continued.

The Trump phone calls went out to households in Donovan’s district in which people are registered Republican, Conservative or independent. Only Democrats were excluded, a source close to the Donovan campaign told the Post.

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