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Spring hits Brooklyn Bridge Park, in November

November 1, 2018 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn Bridge Park is a fine place for a visit when the weather's unseasonably warm. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan

Spring Break. In November.

It’s going to be 70 degrees today in Brooklyn. Sev-en-ty de-grees.

Don’t you want to play hooky from work and spend this balmy day outdoors?

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Brooklyn Bridge Park is full of scenic spots where you can unplug for a few hours from life in stressful, pre-midterm-elections America.

The unseasonable warmth is expected to last only through Friday, predicts.

So carpe that diem. Get some fresh air, for heaven’s sake. And leave your heavy jacket at home.

You can pretend to be a tourist and snap selfies on the popular park’s pebbly beach.

The Brooklyn Bridge, Jane’s Carousel and the iconic World Trade Center will serve as a backdrop for your photos. Don’t be surprised if you wind up standing elbow-to-elbow with models doing a fashion shoot or two.


The waterfront restaurants at the historic Empire Stores complex still have tables set up outdoors for open-air meals if you want to do some noshing.

There’s ice cream, too, which seems like the right thing to eat on a faux spring day.

You can get it at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, a 1920s-era former fireboat house next to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1.

This pier, where the NYC Ferry dock is located, is an ideal spot to snap photos of the Lower Manhattan skyline. There are likely to be lots of people populating the benches at the very edge of the East River.

As you stroll along the shoreline from pier to pier, you’ll notice that the leaves on hardly any of the trees have changed colors. It doesn’t really look like fall has arrived, which seems logical since it doesn’t feel like fall at the moment.

Mirrors on Pier 3

Be sure to extend your stroll to Pier 3, which recently opened to the public.

Its garden is an especially good place to read, relax and reflect — in both senses of the word.

There’s a leafy labyrinth with a collection of mirrors in the middle of it. Narcissus would be mesmerized.

If you stand in the right spots, you can see the scenery reflected back at you instead of your own face.

This pier also has Adirondack chairs close to the water’s edge so you can settle in and soak up some rays.

Further down the shoreline, inviting blue umbrellas line the Picnic Peninsula. Hmm. A picnic seems like a perfect activity for a faux spring day.

Some of the flowering plants on nearby Pier 6 are still blooming, which reinforces the illusion that it’s May rather than November.

By the way, temps are supposed to drop into the 50s on Sunday. So we’re serious about this carpe diem stuff.

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