Carroll Gardens

Overflowing trash plagues Carroll Gardens’ streets

October 18, 2018 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Photo courtesy Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s office
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Trash is everywhere in Carroll Gardens, from litter on the streets to overflowing garbage cans, and people are complaining.

Katia Kelly, the author of the blog Pardon Me for Asking, said that when she moved into the then-working class neighborhood in 1985, “many residents regularly swept in front of their homes and kept an eye on those who did not.”

Today, Pardon Me for Asking continued, some brownstones sell for millions, but from candy wrappers to plastic bags to paper cups, trash is everywhere. More and more tall buildings have been constructed in the neighborhood and more and more restaurants attract visitors – leading to more and more trash.

Rats, attracted by the garbage, also plague the neighborhood and have been seen in the local brownstones’ well-known front yards.

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In some cases, the policies of the city Sanitation Department are to blame. A recent Brooklyn Daily Eagle article detailed how in nearby Cobble Hill, the Sanitation Department decided without announcement to pick up composted household trash once a week rather than the previous twice a week.

When this happened, according to the Eagle, the brown compost bins that were filled with food scraps and other organic waste began to put out a pungent stench. Soon, insects also began to accumulate inside the bins, one resident told the Eagle.

Pardon Me for Asking urged that people pick up their trash, that they contact local officials when the Sanitation Department is not making the proper garbage pickup and that they not use street trash cans for residential trash. “Too many times, local residents just dump their trash bags and broken pieces of furniture at the corner,” the blog said.

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