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Dog-owners beware: ‘Zombie’ raccoons are on the loose in Prospect Park

October 10, 2018 By Sara Bosworth Brooklyn Daily Eagle
AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee
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There’s a new threat to Brooklyn’s furry four-legged creatures. Officials told dog-owners in the borough that an airborne virus has been confirmed in the area after two infected raccoons were found in Prospect Park.

Nicknamed the “zombie virus” after its symptoms, which include a staggering, stumbling gait, this airborne disease can be deadly for pets, reports CBS New York. Dr. Harry Weatherson, a veterinarian at Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, told CBS that canine distemper virus can spread throughout the body within a few days, attacking the animal’s central nervous system.

Professionals are advising those with pets to keep them on a leash in the park, and make sure they are vaccinated.

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