Posters featuring crossed-out swastikas raise eyebrows in Williamsburg

September 28, 2018 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Photo from Alifenewyork on Instagram
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Police are searching for two people who put up posters in Williamsburg that featured a crossed-out swastika. The posters, described by Gothamist as “a collaboration between a lifestyle boutique and a street artist,” were put up on Aug. 22 around 6 p.m. on a Driggs Avenue wall between North Seventh and North Eighth streets.

Gothamist described the posters as a collaboration between street artist KATSU and streetwear brand Alife and said the design is actually “an anti-swastika graphic.” Police, who originally believed the posters were anti-Semitic, are no longer classifying them as such. Cops have released surveillance footage of the suspects, who are both described as being 25 to 30 years old and about 5-foot-10, Gothamist reported.

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