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‘Beer Hacks’: An emergency manual for beer lovers

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September 27, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
“Beer Hacks” author Ben Robinson. Photo by Kaitlyn Flanagan
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Have you ever come home dreaming of ice cold, refreshing beer only to realize that all you have are warm cans? Or wished your beer had a little more oomph? Beer drinking shouldn’t be hard. But sometimes it could definitely be better.

Complete with 200 two-color step-by-step illustrations, done in the mock-serious style of an airplane seat-back emergency card, Ben Robinson’s “Beer Hacks” takes America’s favorite libation to the next level, including:

  • How to make a warm beer cold, fast — from the wet rag and freezer method to the ever-so-slightly more extreme fire extinguisher method

  • How to use a French press with berries or s’mores ingredients to infuse a golden ale or stout with a little something extra

  • How best to store your beer; cardinal rules for bachelor party beer consumption; and what to do with your bottles when you’re done, such as how to turn the bottle necks into shot glasses

  • How to open a bottle in a variety of ways, using everything from a wedding ring, to a door jamb, to a folded-up piece of paper or — if all else fails — the nifty metal opener embedded in the front cover of the book 


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The perfect gift for any beer lover, from those who want to impress their friends with a cool party trick to craft beer enthusiasts looking for the best way to work a beer festival, “Beer Hacks” is full of everything from key terminology and the best glassware to use to food and cocktail recipes and even ways to use beer for cleaning and gardening.

You don’t need to be an expert home brewer to want to play with your beer. With “Beer Hacks,” every beer lover can be equal parts mad scientist and handyman — and a better beer drinker!

Ben Robinson is the editor in chief of The Observer. He’s written for Deadspin, the Huffington PostCigar World, Subaru’s Drive magazine and more on topics ranging from running with the bulls in Pamplona to — far more thrillingly — devising a foolproof scientific system to getting on “The Price Is Right.”

“Beer Hacks” will hit shelves on Oct. 2.


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