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What Our Readers Are Saying: September 21

September 21, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle editors welcome opinions, both pro and con, on all subjects affecting our daily lives, as well as responses to the articles and opinion pieces published in this paper.

Here is a selection of some of the more insightful and engaging comments from the last week. Want to contribute? Use Disqus at the bottom of the Eagle’s articles.


Re Park Slope homeowners could pay higher taxes (Sept. 18)

“I think a problem with this is that many working class people in Park Slope purchased their homes so many years ago and they are not cash rich. Those who purchased homes over the past decade are wealthier.

“It could be very difficult for those who paid little for their homes to pay a significant increase and might be forced to sell their homes despite the fact that they had hoped to stay in the neighborhood permanently. Perhaps the new taxes should somehow be based on purchase price.” — LROMFRIED

* * *

Re Carroll Gardens’ Hans S. Christian Memorial Kindergarten gets landmarked (Sept. 18)

“I disagreed with the landmarking of 236 President St. It has already been ‘re-muddled’ adding a garage to the front of the house. The inside was also totally renovated in a way completely different from what it originally was.” — LOIS

* * *

Re OBIT: Marian Wood Meyer, an ‘institution’ at Brooklyn 33rd Council District, dies at 74 (Sept. 14)

“A wonderful woman and a wonderful wife, mother and grandmom. We spent many great years together. I will greatly miss her – I already do.” — SID

* * *

Re Brownstone Brooklyn voters ‘fired up’ for the primaries (Sept. 13)

“I was #231 when I voted at 101 Clark St. about 2pm. In some other primaries, I’ve been as low as #20 or so. An excellent turnout. I hope participation is as high in November.” — ANDREW PORTER

* * *

Re Verizon hangs up on landline customers in Brooklyn (Sept. 11)

“I and several others in my building have not had Verizon landline service since before May 1st of this year. Yet we are billed every month and have to call Verizon Customer Service to demand that we shouldn’t have to pay our bill each month.

“Although the outside of our building was wired for FIOS, we still cannot get it from Verizon.” — REMESEN STREET DWELLER


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