Eagle Q&A: Undefeated Greenpoint-raised boxing sensation Adam “Babyface” Kownacki

August 29, 2018 By Alex Wieckowski Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Kownacki won his most recent fight with Artur Szpilka and upped his record to 17-0. Photos courtesy of Adam Kownacki
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Brooklyn has raised some of the most successful boxers in the world — from the former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to the current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Soon, another name may join those ranks.

Greenpoint-raised Adam “Babyface” Kownacki currently holds a record of 17-0 with 14 wins by knockout. His next fight takes place this September, and should he win, he’d have a shot at a title fight.

Kownacki recently spoke to the Brooklyn Eagle about his childhood in Greenpoint and his boxing career.

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Brooklyn Eagle: You were born in Poland, but moved to Greenpoint. How old were you at the time and why did you move here?

Adam Kownacki: I moved to Greenpoint with my family at age 7. My parents moved to the USA to give my brothers and I a better life.

Eagle: Do you have any fond memories of growing up in Greenpoint?

Kownacki: Some of my favorite memories are from playing sports in the parks. We used to play everything: basketball, baseball, football and soccer. It was a very fun childhood.  

Eagle: What do you enjoy about Greenpoint these days?

Kownacki: I love to get coffee at the local cafes and drink it at McCarren Park. I also love to watch a local soccer game there.

Eagle: What are your favorite shops or restaurants in Greenpoint?

Kownacki: My favorite restaurant in Greenpoint is Amber Steakhouse. My favorite coffee spots are Early and Charlotte Patisserie.

Eagle: What is your current relationship with the neighborhood?

Kownacki: I try to visit Greenpoint every chance I get. After every fight, I get a victory breakfast at Charlotte Patisserie.

Eagle: What inspired you to become a boxer?

Kownacki: Andrew Golota [a former Polish professional boxer] inspired me to become a boxer. I remember every time he fought, it was like a holiday. Everyone would gather around and watch him fight.

Eagle: At what age did you start boxing and when did you start your pro career?

Kownacki: I started boxing at 15, and turned pro in 2009.

Eagle: Do you box full-time, or do you work side jobs to support yourself?

Kownacki: Now I box full time, but early in my career I had to work in construction and security in nightclubs to support myself.

Eagle: Would you say there’s something about the spirit of Polish people that makes them fighters?

Kownacki: I think it’s in our Polish genes to be fighters. Throughout history, we were always forced to defend ourselves and battle with those who tried to take our freedom.

Eagle: What’s your current boxing record?

Kownacki: My current boxing record is 17-0 with 14 of those fights ending in knockouts.

Eagle: When’s your next fight, who are you fighting, and for what title?

Kownacki: My next fight is September 8th against Charles Martin. Charles Martin is a former heavyweight champion, beating him should put me in line for a title fight.

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