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Now it’s the Stairs: Borough Hall subway station continues to fall apart

August 15, 2018 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Following two ceiling collapses at Borough Hall Station’s 4 and 5 subway platform, the station continues to deteriorate. The entrance stairway on the south side of Joralemon Street is the latest section to literally fall apart. Photos by Mary Frost
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The entrance stairway on the south side of Joralemon Street in Downtown Brooklyn is the latest section of the Borough Hall subway station to literally fall apart.

The metal tops of two of the stairs have been knocked off kilter, and there are cracks running through several of the metal pieces topping the stairs. Bright orange construction netting blocks the entrance.

In June, large chunks of the ceiling collapsed onto the 4 and 5 train subway platform at the station. One person was slightly injured, according to the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. A second ceiling collapse took place in July.

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MTA has promised to invest millions toward repairs to the station, which is the oldest underground subway station in Brooklyn.

Subway riders took to Twitter on Tuesday to complain about the decrepit subway infrastructure, point the finger of blame, and compare New York City’s subways unfavorably to systems in other countries.

“How did Andrew Cuomo ever think it was a good idea to put a millionaire former GOP Mayoral candidate with multiple conflicts of interest in charge of MTA?” asked Twitter user Jeff Hannon, adding, “Also why hasn’t Joe Lhota resigned yet?”

Commenter Doctor Falken wrote, “Are you sure that this subway belongs to ‘the best city on earth?’

Samantha Liel was brief. ”Thanks @BilldeBlasio,” she wrote.

Others blamed the disintegrating subway system on an entire generation.

“It’s a testament to the incompetence of a generation of baby boomer politicians who have grossly mismanaged the gift their parents gave them. It is disgraceful,” Anders Wenstrand wrote.


The Brooklyn Eagle has reached out to MTA for comment on the situation and for a repair timeline. See for updates.

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