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Images of drones on North Brooklyn rooftops are a mystery to residents

August 8, 2018 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Eagle file photo by Mary Frost
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Residents of Bushwick and East Williamsburg have seen a giant image depicting the shadow of a predator drone on the roofs of at least four buildings in the neighborhood, but no one seems to know who put them there.

The phenomenon was first noticed in 2016 when Phil Buehler, a local artist, was looking at a Google Maps satellite view of the neighborhood and noticed the shadow of a drone on the roof of 315 Seigel St., according to Bushwick Daily. At first he thought it might be a real drone, but then he went up to the roof of a nearby building and saw that it had been painted onto the roof but was now painted over. A similar image was next noticed on top of 56 Bogart St., across from the first building, but it, too, has since been painted over.

Images on Google Maps reveal that the same image has been painted on the roof of two other nearby buildings, 270 Varet St. (still there) and 889 Broadway. Buehle found that London-based artist James Bridle regularly paints outlines of predator drones on streets and sidewalks throughout the world, but Bridle told Buehle that he wasn’t responsible for the Brooklyn images, Bushwick Daily reported. A predator drone is a particular type of drone that until earlier this year was used by the U.S. Air Force for surveillance and intelligence gathering as well as in combat, although the Pentagon has declined to publicly address its use.

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