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OPINION: A fresh approach to gang violence

August 3, 2018 By Jack Ryan, Editorial Page Editor Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Photo courtesy of Cagle Cartoons
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The sad reality is that the threat of serving a long stretch in state prison is not enough to curb gun violence. Gang members in the toughest neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens know the penalties for possession of a loaded gun and are not phased. Some even see prison or violent death as the inevitable end of the road.

However, a new approach to countering gun violence, sponsored by the city, appears to be working. Save Our Streets (S.O.S), one of a growing number of taxpayer-financed “violence interrupter” groups is having an impact here in New York.

Save Our Streets targets gang members who have been sucked into the culture of violence and is manned in part by former gang members. “We’re the foot soldiers,” said Rudy Suggs, a former drug dealer and SOS supervisor. “We’re the ones that come out here late at night, looking for the at-risk youth that’s out here selling drugs, gambling, doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing.”

We applaud the courage of people like Suggs and other working with SOS and the caring people who proposed this initiative.

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