Officer Hoban honored by NYPD in police harbor launch, canine graduation

June 25, 2018 Jaime DeJesus
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A local hero honored.

Police Officer Christopher Hoban — a Xaverian graduate of the Class of 1980 who died in the line of the duty at the age of 26 on October 19, 1988 during a shootout in Manhattan — was recognized twice this month by the NYPD for his bravery and sacrifice.

The NYPD named a police harbor launch after Hoban and Police Officer Michael Buczek during a ceremony at Brooklyn Army Terminal on Monday, June 18.

The boat dedicated to the officers is called Harbor Launch 455 and according to the NYPD, is, “The fifth 45-foot rescue boat-medium in its class within the department’s fleet, with a 14½ foot beam and nearly three and a half foot draft. Unique to Launch 455 are the dual Volvo D13 engines with 800 horsepower and a top speed of more than 42 knots.”

It can also hold up to 24 people in 12-foot seas.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill, who attended the ceremony, discussed the significance of Hoban and Buczek, who was killed in the line of duty three hours after Hoban, also in Manhattan.

“These two NYPD cops, who didn’t know each other in life, have become inseparable in the 30 years since their deaths,” he said. “They worked in different commands, but they wore the same uniform. They shared the same mission and they both believed in this department, in this city, and most importantly, in the people they served. This vessel will serve as another lasting reminder of the service, courage and sacrifice these men embodied during their careers. This launch is now part of their legacies, and it’s a symbol of the cause to which these heroes devoted their lives.”

“I’m a little bit overwhelmed looking out and seeing everybody that’s here,” Martin Hoban, Christopher’s brother, said. “This is an awesome event for me. I’m an avid boater and I see these boats out on the water all the time and I wave to the guys. Occasionally, I pull up and talk to some of the officers on the boat but it’s going to be really special when I’m out on the water and I see that boat go by. I might have to wave them down and say, hey, that boat was named for my brother and Officer Buczek.”

The launch named in their honor will assist the rest of the fleet in safeguarding the city’s coastline and hundreds of miles of waterways, carrying out rescue operations, patrol duty, counterterrorism work and more.

“Now, when we see this launch on patrol, we’ll be looking at a piece of our history. And we’ll be reminded again and again of that promise we made to you the families: that we will never forget,” O’Neill added.

In addition, on Friday, June 15, Hoban was one of 12 officers honored as NYPD Counterterrorism canines and their partner officers graduated from training.

The canines’ names are derived from the names of both NYPD and United States military heroes who have fallen in the line of duty, and continue the legacy of their namesakes in protecting New York City.

Honoring Hoban were Police Officer Brielle Cantanucci and Canine Mugsy.




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