Brownsville residents design virtual reality experience of their neighborhood

June 22, 2018 By Clarissa Sosin Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
This mural on Herzl Street proclaims, “Welcome to Brownsville!!!” Eagle photo by Lore Croghan
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A team of 40 Brownsville residents has created a virtual reality game about their Brooklyn neighborhood, Engadget reported.

‘If you’re from Brownsville, you’d recognize it,” said Ray Graham, 20, who’s been involved with the project, named “Fireflies: A Brownsville Story,” from its inception in 2016. “And the people of Brownsville that we got in, you’d recognize [them].” 

Working out of the Brownsville Community Justice Center, the team has spent the past two years digitally rendering the streets and buildings in their community block by block and interviewing residents. 

Players of “Fireflies” can choose between one of two characters, both aspiring documentarians. They are able to walk through the neighborhood taking photographs and interviewing the 100 real life residents — a mix of family, friends and local business owners — who told the game creators their life stories.

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