At Greenpoint’s WNYC Transmitter Park, new street art from Buff Monster

June 22, 2018 By Alex Wieckowski Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Buff Monster adds the finishing touches to his mural. Photos courtesy of Buff Monster

Walking by WNYC Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, visitors will notice something different near the entrance. It’s a unique mural, but what exactly is it? It depicts colorful monster-like creatures that appear to be in ice cream cones, but the artwork raises many more questions.

The Eagle reached out to New York City street artist Buff Monster, who is behind the colorful new piece. He uses bright colors, bold lines and funny characters “to make the world a better place.”

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Buff Monster, or Buff, has worked with several prestigious brands including Disney, Nike and Coca-Cola and has a massive social following with over 140K+ followers on Instagram and 660K+ likes on his Facebook page.

Buff said his goal with the mural was to bring good energy and fun art to the dark world we live in. “All of my work comes from a happy place,” he said. “I wanted to paint characters I’ve never painted on a wall before in a way I’ve never painted them before.”

The mural, located on 18 Greenpoint Ave., was curated by The Lisa Project NYC for the Moniker Art Fair.

Buff received approval to paint the wall only a day before he had to start painting so he quickly began working on a pencil sketch and projected the sketch on the wall the night before.

“It’s all done by hand,” he said, no stencils, tape or any other device. He worked on the mural by himself without an assistant and finished it in two days. “I’m very pleased with it,” Buff said. “[It is] probably the biggest wall I’ve painted in that amount of time.”


And although Buff Monster lives in Brooklyn, he originally said he rarely visited Greenpoint and had no idea about Transmitter Park because he spends most of his time at his art studio on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. However, after seeing the beautiful park right on the waterfront and finding a “really killer bar” across the street from his mural, he said he now has a “good reason to get back up to Greenpoint.”

As for the mural, Buff said the feedback of it has been super positive. The last mural he painted in Brooklyn was on North 12th Street and Berry Street in Williamsburg, and people were surprised and delighted to see him in Greenpoint.

“I hope that the fans and residents of Greenpoint enjoy checking out my latest creation,” he said.


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