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NYCHA warehouse raided by Feds, records seized

June 18, 2018 By Clarissa Sosin Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
The seized Long Island City NYCHA warehouse. Image © 2018 Google Maps photo

Federal and local investigators raided a New York City Housing Authority warehouse last week and seized records, the New York Post reported.

Among the items seized were computers that contained documents about asbestos and lead paint inspections. The raid was part of a criminal probe into the city agency and followed a lawsuit filed by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman last week.

The lawsuit accused the agency of not conducting lead inspections and lying to federal inspectors about it. It also said that they plotted to hide the generally derelict conditions of the city’s public housing complexes from the inspectors.

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Berman said that NYCHA posted fake “Danger: Do not enter” signs to keep inspectors from problematic areas, cut water to buildings to hide leaks and distributed a “Quick Fix Tips” guide that allegedly taught employees work-arounds for common problems instead of how to actually fix them.

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