72nd Precinct “Cop Of The Month” stopped armed robbers

June 15, 2018 Ariama Long
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Community members and cops trickled into the Marien-Heim Senior Center — at the corner of Fourth Avenue and 45th Street– picking at the fresh doughnuts and coffee provided by the 72nd Precinct Community Council on Tuesday, June 12 for its last meeting before the summer.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance, and then Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, the precinct’s commander, began the meeting.

Gonzalez presented Police Officer Melanie Weinstein with the “Cop of the Month” plaque. She was awarded the plaque for her pursuit and arrests of three men who allegedly had committed a dangerous armed robbery on Third Avenue. Weinstein shyly said it was an honor to receive the award, but that she was nervous about speaking in public.

“I assure you she may be shy tonight,” said Gonzalez as Weinstein declined the crowd’s chants for a speech, “but that day when she arrested those people, she was anything but.”

Tacos and burritos were provided for meeting-goers by Tacos El Bronco, a local Mexican eatery.

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