Bushwick’s House of Yes stands by bouncer after angry patron’s racist rant

June 5, 2018 By Clarissa Sosin Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Photo courtesy of Sasha B. Photo

A Bushwick night club said it was shocked after a patron was caught on video yelling racial slurs at a black bouncer early Friday morning. Employees said they do not tolerate hate speech or discrimination of any kind at their club.

Chris Giardina, 29, was axed from his Brooklyn real-estate job after he was caught on video shouting a string of expletives and racial epithets at a doorman at House of Yes on Wyckoff Avenue.

In the video, the former Myspace NYC broker screamed “Touch me again you f—ing n–r,” at the bouncer before turning on the people filming him and screaming a racial slur against Latinos. “Yeah I said it, ‘cause he’s punching me you f––ing s–c,” he shouted.

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House of Yes Marketing Director Jacqui Rabkin said in an email to the Brooklyn Eagle that Giardina was escorted out by security after he became belligerent when they tried to correct him for attempting to use the wrong exit.

“Our decision was validated when we saw how his behavior escalated outdoors,” she wrote.

In the video, Giardina appeared to call the police on the bouncer, saying that the employee hit him during the interaction. “Get a cop here now or I’m going to end up burying this black guy,” Giardina said into the phone.

“I will bury you,” he shouted multiple times at the bouncer. “You hit me in the face like a dirty, f–g black person. You’ll lose your job and you’ll lose your house. Trust me.”

Giardina said to the New York Post that he was drunk at the time but that the other revelers outside of the club were on his side until he started yelling racial slurs. He said he thinks the video was “manipulated” to make him look worse.

Rabkin wrote in her email that when NYPD responded to the 911 call they asked the bouncer if he wanted to press charges against Giardina. The bouncer declined. The officers stayed at the club for another 30 minutes in case Giardina came back to retaliate.

No one was arrested after the incident, police said.

Rabkin said that they stand by the bouncer and the decisions made that night.

“We are deeply appreciative of the way our security guard José kept his composure while the aggressive patron was hurling racial slurs at him, and we feel he acted fully within his rights throughout the interaction,” she wrote.

She said the venue has a strict discrimination policy that is included on every event page for the venue.


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