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Sunset Park residents, organizations gather to defend 72nd Precinct top cop amidst allegations

May 29, 2018 By Jaime DeJesus Brooklyn Daily Eagle
A rally was held in Sunset Park to discuss allegations against top cop Emmanuel Gonzalez of the 72nd Precinct. Eagle photo by Jaime DeJesus
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A $125 million notice of claim filed by a local watering hole against Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, the popular commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct, has brought forth an outpouring of community support, clearly apparent during a rally held late last week in Sunset Park.

Imran Jairam, the owner of Love and Lust, 225 47th St., alleged that Gonzalez demanded contributions to Puerto Rican relief efforts to forestall enforcement of violations at the bar, according to a story that was first reported in the Daily News.

“This man has a family and small children that will no doubt encounter difficult circumstances based solely on the accusations of a club that has been nothing but a source of complaints since the day it opened four years ago,” contended Delvis Valdes, an attorney and longtime Sunset Park resident who organized the Friday, May 25 rally outside his law office, 4505 Fifth Avenue. “In fact, over the last two years it has generated over 450 911 calls.”

Dennis Flores, founder of El Grito de Sunset Park, who helped with the local relief effort, said that, in fact, an owner of Love and Lust had offered help to Puerto Rico in his hearing.

“I was present when one of the owners went to Assemblymember Felix Ortiz’s office to offer support to Puerto Rico, ask us what was needed, make offers of plane tickets,” Flores said. “He offered us the sky to try to resolve issues we were having. He was a willing participant and volunteer in offering support, so now at this opportune time that they are trying to divert attention from the real problems and scandals at the club. It’s absurd to shake down a club to bring relief to people in Puerto Rico.”

According to the Daily News article, Gonzalez put pressure on Jairam via text messages such as, “This is critically important,” and “I must get that generator to that clinic.”

“They’re holding out as evidence a text message that says it’s critically important that this generator gets to a doctor in Puerto Rico,” Flores added. “That’s not criminal. They’re using that to drum this up and attacking this man in a way that isn’t justified.”

Gonzalez has not yet made a statement regarding the allegations.


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