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Dog flu shows no signs of stopping on the east coast

May 29, 2018 By Esther Shittu Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Photo courtesy of Sean Casey Animal Rescue
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Dog owners beware; there’s a dangerous type of canine flu that is continuing to spread across the city, ABC 7 reports.

The virus, H3N2, has made about 500 dogs on the West Coast sick, experts say. About three dozen cases of the dog flu have been reported in Brooklyn since April, and a few were recently reported in Manhattan. “The disease can be fatal if not treated appropriately,” Dr. Maxim Lotovsky said. “If your dog seems lethargic, is starting to lose an appetite, and is starting to cough, definitely bring them in. The earlier you get them in, the better a chance we have to rescue your dog.” While humans can’t become sick from the canine flu, the virus can still live on hands and clothes for about a day.

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