Keller Williams Realty gives back to Bay Ridge for annual RED Day

May 21, 2018 Jaime DeJesus
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Giving back to Bay Ridge.

For one day, Keller Williams Realty Empire, 9201 Fourth Avenue, closed its offices, to give back to the local community and participate in RED Day. Taking place on Thursday, May 10, the day — whose name is an acronym for Renew, Energize and Donate — is the agency’s annual day of service.

Every Keller Williams office closes to give employees the chance to make a difference in the lives of others because bettering the communities that the company serves lies at the heart of the Keller Williams culture, according to John Kemp of Keller Williams.

This year, a group of 10 Keller Williams employees went to the Bay Ridge Center, 6935 Fourth Avenue, to prepare and distribute hundreds of meals to seniors, with another group helping clean up Narrows Botanical Gardens.

The long-standing tradition serves many purposes, according to the employees turned volunteers.

“We have it the second Thursday of every May,” said Kemp. “Throughout the country and the world, we close our offices and we dedicate the day to community service.”

He discussed the significance of giving back.

“I think it’s important for every human being to be a part of their community,” he said. “Certainly the people that we work with appreciate the help.”

The group of 10 employees packaged nearly 1,300 cold packs so seniors could have food to tide them over, during the weekend. “Because they are closed on Saturday and Sunday, they do a  double shipment on Thursdays. That’s why they appreciated our help,” said Kemp. “This is the first time some of our agents have done something like this. They really enjoyed it because they felt they were doing something really important. Most of our senior citizens don’t  have a lot of money and there’s a lot of hidden poverty there. They’re not going to own up to the fact that they can’t go through the day without someone giving them a meal.”

“I started with the company about a month ago and it already feels awesome,” said Amanda Rino. “We’ve been working with a lot of projects around the community. It’s great to be active here and give back and try to be something bigger than yourself.”

“It makes me personally feel grateful for what I have, seeing other people and what they go through,” added Leon Fruchtzweig. “I can’t always help financially. What I can do is volunteer.”

He noted that the day brings the group closer together.

“When we do activities together, it’s meaningful, spiritual, and that gives us a strong partnership,” he added. That is what I love about Keller Williams in general — family and teamwork.”

Deputy Executive Director of the Bay Ridge Center Todd Fliedner appreciated the help.

“We have a very extensive Meals on Wheels program,” he explained. “We do over 650 home-delivered meals a day. We rely solely on volunteers to help get the meals to our seniors so when organizations such as theirs do a day of volunteerism, it makes a huge difference. Because of their efforts, a lot of people are going to eat a home-cooked meal today. We’re thrilled they’re here.”


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