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Eagle article on Brooklyn Heights rats and Chipotle produces results

April 25, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
A worker at the 189 Montague St. construction site holds his arms out to indicate the size of a very large rat he saw while on the job. Photo by Mary Frost
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After Mary Frost’s article, “Rats the Size of Burritos Feast on Chipotle’s Trash in Brooklyn Heights,” appeared on this site on Monday, Chipolte Communications Manager Quinn Kelsey issued a statement that the chain’s Montague Street location is implementing secure garbage containers to thwart the rodents.

Frost had written that the rats appeared on a regular basis soon after the restaurant put out its garbage bags every night, although Chipotle workers maintained it was construction of a new apartment tower nearby that brought the rats out. “We are going to begin using secured garbage cans to help alleviate the problem” Kelsey said. “We are also hoping to meet with the developer and other local officials to ensure the situation is properly handled.”

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