62nd Precinct lauds seven officers as cops of the month

March 7, 2018 Meaghan McGoldrick
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Seven 62nd Precinct police officers were recognized for making Bensonhurst safer at a Tuesday, February 20 62nd Precinct Community Council meeting at the precinct, 1925 Bath Avenue.

First up were officers Basim Lsawaby and Michael Davdoy, who were dubbed the Cops of the Month for November of last year, but had not yet received their formal honors. According to 62nd Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Anthony Longobardi, on November 11 at approximately 10 p.m., Lsawaby — while canvassing the area for a robber in the vicinity of 1315 West Seventh Street – heard a radio call come in not far from the initial incident with the report of an assault in progress.

“Due to the nature and proximity of the call, Officer Lsawaby responded,” said the captain. Once he arrived on the scene, the two suspects fled and, following a foot pursuit, both were arrested and positively identified. Both had been arrested for previous robberies in the area – one just the week before.

Two days prior, Longobardi said, Davdoy – working by himself, according to the captain – received a radio dispatch about a suspicious man with a forged New York State driver’s license attempting to take out money at a Capitol One bank near 65th Street and 18th Avenue. When the officer arrived and began to question the man, he fled.

“We all know what 65th Street looks like at 12 noon,” said Longobardi. “It’s crowded. And, after an aggressive foot pursuit down a busy sidewalk, the perp was apprehended.”

He was found to be in possession of two forged New York State driver’s licenses and six forged debit cards. Furthermore, the suspect had 65 arrests under his belt. “Officer Davdoy’s quick thinking and awareness of his surroundings resulted in a career criminal being apprehended and placed behind bars,” Longobardi said.

January honors were then given to two groups of officers.

First, Longobardi recognized Police Officers Stefan Seeccharan and Thomas Macca as well as Sergeant Christopher Dixon for their quick thinking on Saturday, January 13. According to the captain, the trio – while conducting anti-crime patrol in plain clothes – observed three suspicious individuals near the corner of 19th Avenue and 86th Street.

When they decided to investigate, they discovered that the three individuals had tried to steal money from victims at a nearby store. They were identified and placed under arrest, after which it was discovered that two had previously been arrested for robberies a month prior in the same area and were currently on parole.

Also honored were Police Officers Elias Khan and Nicholas Occhipinti – the life-saving duo who were instrumental in helping a two-year-old child who’d stopped breathing on Friday, January 12.

The child was unresponsive when the pair arrived, said Longobardi, and they tried unsuccessfully to administer CPR.

At that point, he went on, “They set up an emergency route,” getting other cops to block off streets along the route to the hospital, something that’s done in serious emergencies, and accompanied the ambulance to Maimonides Medical Center, where the child was successfully resuscitated.

“They immediately assumed charge and became heroes,” said the captain.

Khan was unable to attend the meeting as he was recovering from a car accident. Occhipinti accepted both awards on his behalf.

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