J&V Pizzeria beats L&B Spumoni Gardens for Brooklyn’s favorite slice

February 14, 2018 Victoria Merlino
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In the world of Brooklyn pizza, only one pizza joint can reign supreme.

Bensonhurst’s J&V Pizzeria was named the winner in Facebook group The Brooklyn Food Experience’s Pizza Super Bowl Championship, facing off in the final round against L&B Spumoni Gardens.

“We were all excited,” said John Mortillaro, co-owner of J&V, about the win.

The contest pitted Brooklyn’s Sicilian-style pies against its Neapolitan-style pies, splitting them up into two divisions. Famous pizzerias across Brooklyn competed to be in the final round of the competition, such as Roberta’s Pizza, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Pizza Den and Europa Pizzeria, with group members voting on who was the best.

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“I didn’t know we won until the next day,” said Mortillaro, who also said he had a few customers come in and speak about it.

J&V won the contest against L&B 86-74.

“I think it was a good thing, win or lose,” said Mortillaro.

J&V was first established by Mortillaro and his friend Vincent DeGrezia in 1950, and has been serving up slices ever since. It is located at 6322 18th Avenue.

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