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Brooklyn Today January 31: Brooklyn Judge Will Consider Trump’s Anti-Latino Remarks in DACA Decision

January 31, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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THE LEDE: Happy hump day, Brooklyn! A new cider house is all the rage inBushwick, a Brooklyn Heights public school is allegedly neglecting a boy with Down syndrome, and a bank robber with bad memory turns himself into the police. Plus, a woman has an abortion after 36 weeks, we share the most romantic bars in NYC, and David Beckham is set to bring a professional soccer team to Miami. Finally, the Cleveland Indians will remove the Chief Wahoo logo from their uniforms, a New Jersey teacher tells his students to send nude photos for better grades, and Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler made monkeys and humans inhale toxic fumes during exhaust tests.   
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The Rundown

~BROOKLYN JUDGE WILL CONSIDER TRUMP’S ANTI-LATINO REMARKS IN DACA DECISION: A Brooklyn federal judge said in court on Tuesday that he cannot make a decision regarding the status of young undocumented immigrants in the country on the DACA program without considering PresidentDonald Trump’s “incendiary” anti-Latino comments. “The statements that were made during the election cycle were extremely volatile,” said JudgeNicholas Garaufis in court, referring to Trump’s recurring comments that had painted Latinos with a broad negative brush. “This came from the top. This isn’t ordinary,” Garaufis added. “It’s not what we see from our leaders, I hope.” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman appeared in court, leading 16 other attorney generals motioning for a temporary injunction to stop the termination of DACA. The program is quickly approaching a March 5 deadline to cease after Trump called for its “orderly wind down” on Sept. 5, 2017. A representative from Schneiderman’s office, Lourdes Rosado, argued that the decision to end the program was fueled with bias, partly based on the many anti-immigrant and specifically Latino comments from the president. Of the 689,800 active recipients, known as “Dreamers,” roughly 94 percent are Latino. (via Brooklyn Eagle)
~BROOKLYN BANK ROBBER WITH BAD MEMORY TURNS HIMSELF IN AFTER SEEING WANTED POSTER: A Brooklyn man with a bad memory was arraigned in federal court on Saturday for robbing a bank in Crown Heightsafter he recognized himself on a “wanted” posted and turned himself in.Juan Carlos Marrero, a 40-year-old from Brooklyn, was charged with robbing a Chase Bank on Jan. 20 at approximately 9 a.m. That morning, he approached a teller, put a backpack on the ground next to himself, passed the teller a black plastic bag before he said, “I don’t know what’s in the backpack, but it’s loaded. Give me everything you have. Put it in the bag.” After the teller informed Marrero that there was no money to surrender, Marrero left the bank without the backpack. Investigators found two white plastic bottles and computer parts in the bag. The defendant turned himself in five days later after he recognized himself on a “wanted” poster in connection to the robbery. Marrero told investigators that he had no memory of the event. (via Brooklyn Eagle)
~PARENTS ACCUSE BROOKLYN HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL OF BEING NEGLIGENT: The parents of a son with Down syndrome are accusingBrooklyn Heights’ Public School 8 of purposefully neglecting their child to get him out of the school. Mother, Kim Williams-Clark said the school on Hicks Street is creating unfavorable conditions for her child so that he’ll want to leave, despite the school’s advocacy for being inclusive. “They have a sign that says no place for hate, and they advocate to be inclusive,” Williams-Clark said. “But all we’ve experienced here is isolation and separation.” The couple blamed the school for not providing a special-education curriculum to their son and leaving him to sit in front of an iPad while he’s ignored. The city’s Department of Education denied that the principal or anyone at the school has been trying to push the boy out. (via New York Post)
~CATCH CIDER IN BUSHWICK: An interactive cider-based restaurant recently opened in Bushwick, bringing a Basque region flare combined with upstate New York soil to a Brooklyn warehouse. Brooklyn Cider House offers guests the ability to catch their own cider from massive 80-year-old chestnut barrels. “It’s a really kind of lively dining experience,” said Lindsey Storm, who goes by the title Cider Goddess. “People are catching from different barrels and hanging out, they’re cheersing and talking, you’re crossing paths with people from other tables. It’s social, fun and festive all rolled into one.” With tall warehouse ceilings, cidermaker Peter Yi filled the spot with music and communal tables to create a feeling more like a German beer hall than a regular restaurant. The two-and-a-half-hour prix fixe dinner service brings multiple courses paired with ciders. (via Metro New York)


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NATIONAL BULLETIN: The Cleveland Indians will remove the Chief Wahoologo from their uniforms…David Beckham will bring a Major League Soccerfranchise to Miami…And a New Jersey teacher tells his students to send nude photos for better grades. (via NYT, ESPN and         
FOREIGN FLASH: Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler made monkeys and humans inhale toxic fumes during exhaust tests…Romania appoints its third prime minister in a year…And President Trump refuses to implement sanctions on Russia for meddling in the 2016 election. (via USA Today, NYT and CNBC)    
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 EAGLE SPORTS: Having a home in Downtown Brooklyn and one out on Long Island isn’t the least bit uncommon for the lawyers, judges and other business people teeming around our fair borough these days. But for an NHL franchise, it’s a bit unusual. As reported in last week’s Eagle, the New York Islanders, the Brooklyn-based franchise that moved here from Uniondale, N.Y., in 2015, will spend the next three seasons splitting their home games between Barclays Center and their former longtime home, the Nassau Coliseum, now known as NYCB Live. After some playful prodding from Gov. Andrew Cuomolast month and some serious pushing behind the scenes from Barclays Center and NYCB Live owner Mikhail Prokhorov the past few years, the Islanders and NHL finally agreed to let the team return to the arena where it was founded in 1972. “There are about 120 games; three seasons,” Cuomo said on Monday. “The number of games over those three seasons will be split, half at played Barclays Center and half played at the coliseum.” (via Brooklyn Eagle)

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