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Condo building stands tall on convent site across from St. Patrick’s Church

Eye on Real Estate: Plus other Bay Ridge development and renovation updates

January 17, 2018 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
From convent to condos — that's the story of 401 95th St., which is the building on the corner. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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No nuns now.

A new condo building stands tall on a site in Bay Ridge where a convent was located.

J&J Property & Management Group LLC is getting close to completing the construction of seven-story 401 95th St., which has 22 residential units and retail space.

It’s on the corner of Fifth Avenue, right across the street from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

The condo building’s facade is mostly made of glass, and is really eye-catching.

You’d better have on sunglasses if you’re waiting on the other side of the avenue for a green light so you can cross the street and go to Mass. The upper floors of 401 95th St. reflect the sun like a mirror.

In 2009, the church sold the convent site for $3 million to J&J Property & Management Group LLC with Tin Tak Cheng as manager, city Finance Department records indicate.

We know that condos are planned — as opposed to rental apartments —  at 401 95th St. because of a March 2016 building-loan agreement between the developer and Banco Popular North America.

The agreement, which is in Finance Department records, spells out the lender’s various requirements concerning condo sales at the building.

For instance, the agreement says the minimum price will not be less than $401 per square foot for any unit at 401 95th St.   

We requested additional info about condo sales from the developer. We haven’t yet gotten a response.


A 14-unit apartment building here, a three-family home there

Bay Ridge is big. There’s always a lot going on with residential construction and renovation.

Here’s a sample of what’s cooking in the waterfront Southwest Brooklyn neighborhood:

* Until recently, the house at 7701 Ridge Blvd. was situated on a 75-foot-wide, 100-foot-deep lot on the corner of 77th Street.

Then Star Property Holding LLC with Igor Nestor as member bought the property for $2 million in December 2016 from Congregation Imrei Yehudah, Finance Department records show.

The LLC split the property into two 37.5-foot-wide lots and sold them to two different purchasers.  

In October 2017, Finance Department records show, Slawomir Wojda and Beata Wojda paid $946,972 for the lot that’s further away from 77th Street. It uses 7707 Ridge Blvd. as its address.

It’s vacant land. Or rather, it was vacant land at the time of their purchase.

They’re now constructing a three-story, single-family home and one-car garage on the lot, city Buildings Department filings show.

The other lot, where the existing house is located, sold in December 2017 for $1,238,800, Finance Department records indicate. The purchaser was 7701 Realty LLC, with Shu Hua Wu and Wai Man Liu as members, Finance Department records show.

* An LLC that Igor Nestor is involved in plans to construct an eight-story, 14-unit apartment building at 60 92nd St., Buildings Department filings show.

The two-story single-family house that stood on the site has been demolished.

Last March, Nestor and two other investors purchased the house and lot for $3.35 million, Finance Department records indicate. Nestor got a 70 percent stake in the property. Slawomir Wojda got a 20 percent stake. Maciej Wrona got a 10 percent stake.

In June, they transferred ownership of the property to 60 92nd Street Brooklyn LLC.

Buildings Department records identify Nestor as a managing member of that LLC.

* The new owners of 237 77th St. plan to convert the single-family home into a three-family house, Buildings Department records show.

According to Finance Department records, they are Kelvin Kuong Chong Ng and Karen Minjing Tong.

They bought the house in October for $2 million.

* Renovation is planned at 127 83rd St., which is a single-family home, Buildings Department records show.

It belongs to Douglas Donahue and Elizabeth Galante-Donahue, who purchased it in October for $1.75 million, Finance Department records indicate.

* Another recent property transaction was the $1.11 million sale of 8902 Shore Court in October. Jonathan Reed Tucker and Michelle Fleury were the buyers, Finance Department records show.

The semi-detached house with Tudor details is on the corner of 89th Street.

Bay Ridge has numerous private streets. Shore Court is one of them. It’s paved with cobblestones, which adds to its charm.


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