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Brooklyn Today November 16: Pier 6 Fight Falls Back into Judge’s Lap for Decision

November 16, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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THE LEDE: Happy Thursday, Brooklyn! The New York City Housing Authority’s in hot water, there are several Brooklynites on the Worst Landlord list, and we tour Williamsburg. Plus, residents are calling for the return of the B71 bus, the entire state of Kansas is hiding something, and we have updates on the controversial Pier 6 hearing. Next, Barbie dolls will soon wear hijabs, Sardinia has the oldest people in the world, and Pope Francis receives a $200,000 Lamborghini. Finally, we tell you why it’s bad to eat too quickly.  
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The Rundown

~PIER 6 FIGHT FALLS BACK INTO JUDGE’S LAP FOR DECISION: The judge overseeing the legal battle over two residential towers going up at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park tried several times to encourage the adversaries — the Brooklyn Heights Association vs. the park and the towers’ developers — to reach a settlement during Wednesday’s final day of oral arguments at the Civil Branch in Manhattan. State Supreme Court Justice Carmen St. Georgeencouraged both sides to consider building one taller tower — which would house both affordable and luxury units — rather than the 28- and 14-story towers currently proposed for the Pier 6 site at the southern end of the park. But BHA and the park chose to fight on. BHA says the park’s approval of the project violates an agreement with the city, the General Project Plan, which requires that real estate development in the park be limited to only the amount necessary to fund the park’s financial needs. Attorneys representing the park said that the park corporation board, with input from experts, had determined that income from the entire Pier 6 development is needed to fund the park. See the full legal arguments here(via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~A GRAND TOUR OF BILLYBURG: Don’t you love Williamsburg? We do. So what if most of the people on the sidewalks of its main artery, Bedford Avenue, are young enough to be our grandchildren? Williamsburg’s mix of fine old architecture and nifty new hotels, of street art and giant billboards that masquerade as street art, of shops that are a tiny bit pretentious and genuinely lovable restaurants, make it a place with multi-generational appeal. The waterfront neighborhood is an Instagram-ready Wonderland. We’d like toshare some shots we snapped during a stroll we took there the other day. Plus, check out how the Hoxton and other North Williamsburg developments are coming along.  (via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~THOUSANDS OF PUBLIC HOUSING APARTMENTS LIKELY CONTAIN LEAD: Year after year the New York City Housing Authority reported that they were inspecting lead paint hazards in apartments, but the Department of Investigation found they haven’t been doing their due diligence since 2012. NYCHA now has about 55,000 apartments that likely have lead paint with 4,231 containing families with children under 6. “It’s not just that they didn’t do the inspections,” DOI Commissioner Mark Peters said. “It’s not that they falsely certified that they did. It’s that they simply have not bothered to put in place systems that give them full knowledge of what’s going on.” A spokeswoman for the mayor said that NYCHA is “making operation changes to prevent lapses like this. Lead poisoning in New York City is at a historic low, and we are committed to reducing the rate even further.” (via NYDN)
~BKLYN OFFENDERS ON WORST LANDLORD LIST: Public Advocate Letitia James released this year’s list of 100 Worst Landlords in NYC, and Brooklyn building owners couldn’t dodge the ranks. The list featured four men in Brooklyn in the Top 10 who own 40 buildings with more than 2,500 violations among them. The buildings are scattered throughout the borough with some inBed-StuyWilliamsburgSunset Park and Bushwick. “No New Yorker should be subjected to live in a hazardous home, yet bad landlords in our city are forcing too many tenants to live in dangerous and indecent conditions,” James said. Poor upkeep and dangerous living conditions can be used by landlords to drive their tenants out in an effort to spike the price for incoming tenants. The list was created in 2010 by Bill de Blasio when he was the city’s Public Advocate. (via Bklyner)
~BRING BACK B71 BUS TO BROOKLYN, ADVOCATES TELL MTA: You can’t get there from here, parents and officials pushing for the return of the cross-Gowanus B71 bus complained at Monday’s meeting of the MTA Bus Committee. While tourists from around the world flock to institutions like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Brooklyn Museum, it’s just too hard for many residents of Red HookGowanus and others who live close to the waterfront. The B71 would provide a vital transit option for these neighborhoods. In addition, advocates want to expand the route with a new link through Red Hook into Lower Manhattan, a concept they’ve dubbed the “B71+.” Councilmember Brad Lander joined representatives of 30-plus cultural institutions, schools and civic organizations to present more than 2,500 petitions to the MTA committee. (via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

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NATIONAL BULLETIN: Barbie will don a hijab for the first time ever…Despite being a millionaire, Southwest Airline’s CEO Gary Kelly flies economy…And police officers in Oklahoma shoot a man who tried to light himself on fire. (via CNNMoney, Time and KFOR)           
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8:00AM – 3:00PM — Coat & Canned Food Drive at Abraham Lincoln high School. Details.

8:45AM — OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation at MINKA Brooklyn. Details.

10:00AM — Playdough Playtime at The Cobra Club. Details.

10:15AM — Positive Aging: My Yoga Community at Dyker Library. Details.

12:00PM – 6:00PM — Seeing Things at A.I.R GALLERY. Details.

1:00PM – 6:00PM — Bête Noire at FiveMyles. Details.

5:30PM — Downtown Brooklyn Gets Lit: Holiday Lighting Party at Albee Square. Details.

6:10PM — Karate Class at Bay Ridge Jewish Center. Details.

6:30PM — Deep Diving: Green-Wood’s Cultural Landscape Report with Faye Harwell at Green-Wood Cemetery. Details.

7:00PM — Rivers Solomon in conversation with Glory Edim at Greenlight Bookstore. Details.


 EAGLE SPORTS: The Nets played exactly the way head coach Kenny Atkinson wanted them to for most of Tuesday night. They spread the ball around, got back on defense, knocked down plenty of 3-pointers and overcame a pair of 13-point deficits. But against the NBA’s hottest team, Brooklyn’s brand of basketball still wasn’t enough as the Boston Celtics held on for their 13th straight victory, 109-102, over the shorthanded but feisty Nets in front of 12,936 fans at Downtown’s Barclays Center. “I thought guys competed,” said an enthused but still disappointed Atkinson after Brooklyn fell to 5-9 on the season and lost for the seventh time in nine games since an inspiring 3-2 start to the campaign. “We just have to do it in long stretches.” (via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Happy birthday to Oksana Baiul, Lisa Bonet, Susanna Clarke, Elizabeth Drew, Dwight Eugene Gooden, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Marg Helgenberger, Diana Krall, Martha Plimpton, Paul Scholes and Amare Stoudemire!

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