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Cuomo and de Blasio make nice at annual Junior’s Cheesecake Breakfast

November 7, 2017 By Rob Abruzzese, Legal Editor Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn’s Democratic Party has an annual tradition of meeting at Junior’s Restaurant just before Election Day, an event organized by Steve Cohn. Pictured from left: Cohn, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former Gov. David Paterson and state Assemblymember Joseph Lentol. Eagle photos by Rob Abruzzese
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A tradition in Brooklyn politics was continued last Friday when Steve Cohn hosted his annual Cheesecake Breakfast at Junior’s Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn, which was attended by members of the Democratic Party from all three branches of government.

The annual event, which takes place the Friday before Election Day, does occasionally feature political speeches, but is known more for being a relaxed event where political candidates can enjoy themselves for an hour or two in a collegial setting.

There were only three brief speeches on Friday morning — by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and by Hon. Frank Seddio, chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party. The trio didn’t stump for any specific candidates up for election, but did speak about the importance of the Democratic Party members coming together.

“I love this breakfast because it makes a good point — politics is still about people and about relationships,” said Cuomo. “It’s still about the handshake, loyalty, credibility and relationships. Steve Cohn represents politics on the human level. We go back many years, he’s been there for me, I’ve been there for him. That’s what politics is all about.”

De Blasio also spoke about the tragedy York City experienced last week due to a terrorist attack in Manhattan on Oct. 31.

“We had a very tough week,” de Blasio said. “The eyes of the nation and world were on NYC, and what I saw made me so proud. Despite the pain, despite the loss, people in this city showed their strength and were there for each other.”

Of course, the politicians also thanked Cohn for continuing to organize the local tradition, with many crediting him as being the unsung hero of the political party.

“Who is the greatest phenomenon in Brooklyn? It’s Steve Cohn,” Seddio said. “When we talk about an icon of our borough, it’s Steve Cohn. I’m proud to know him and proud of what he gives us in terms of integrity and character. He’s absolutely one of the best people I know to represent all of us here. Steve doesn’t run for office anymore, but he’s still a great goodwill ambassador.”


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