What their bosses think: Golden on 43rd District candidate John Quaglione

November 3, 2017 State Senator Martin Golden
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Why I support John Quaglione

On Tuesday, November 7, residents of Brooklyn’s 43rd District will be asked to choose their next city councilmember.

For those who are undecided, I urge you to answer one question: do you want to continue down the path Mayor de Blasio has put us on? If your answer is no, you must elect John Quaglione as your next city councilmember.

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Quaglione’s opponent would like to make this election about national issues, continuously failing to acknowledge the most important issues that affect the people of our district everyday.

Why? Acknowledging those issues would be admitting de Blasio’s failure and the fact that he has single-handedly diminished our community’s quality of life in just four years.

This admission would be impossible for Justin Brannan. After all, he was appointed by his former boss — Mayor de Blasio — to a high paying patronage job at the Department of Education and has even suggested he should be president.

Our schools are overcrowded, homeless families are being placed in hotels with no kitchen or are abandoned on the streets, and our property taxes are increasing every year. Yet Quaglione’s opponent gives the Mayor a B + rating.

Can we really trust him to fight for our community in City Hall?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with John Quaglione for over 19 years, first when I was a New York City councilmember myself and currently in the State Senate. He is the only candidate running who has continuously stood up to de Blasio and his friends in City Hall.

He’s fighting not just for his wife and his two daughters, his neighbors, his friends. He’s fighting for you.

On Tuesday, November 7, vote for a better tomorrow for our children, parents and grandparents. Vote John Quaglione for New York City Council.

John Quaglione works for State Senator Marty Golden, and is currently on leave.

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