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Stand4 Gallery owner says exciting exhibits on the way

October 23, 2017 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
"Accumulations" created by artist Jaynie Crimmons, is an installation included in the exhibit "Reconceived Notions" at Stand4 Gallery. The exhibition runs through Nov. 19. Image courtesy of Jeannine Bardo
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Jeannine Bardo isn’t resting on her laurels. Fresh off the opening of her new exhibition hall, Stand4 Gallery, Bardo, a Bay Ridge teacher and artist, is busy planning future shows at the gallery.

Located in a former medical office building at 414 78th St., Stand4 Gallery recently opened with “Reconceived Notions,” a show that Bardo said examines the ways people interact with nature and seeks to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

In an interview with the Brooklyn Eagle, Bardo spoke about upcoming exhibitions.

“One that is opening in November will be curated by artist John Avelluto and the title is ‘The Way We Were.’ The artists in this exhibition recreate objects from the past; monumentalizing them and amending them,” Bardo told the Eagle.

Another exhibition, coming in January, is called “Notes on Assemblage,” which Bardo called a “site-responsive exhibition.”

Curated by artist John Ros, “Notes on Assemblage” features artists Karl England, Tash Kahn and John Ros presenting artworks designed specifically for Stand4 Gallery as part of a special three-day residency program.

As part of the “Notes on Assemblage” exhibition, Stand4 Gallery has invited London art curator Charlie Levine to come to Bay Ridge to lead a discussion of the artists’ work.

But while Stand4 welcomes international artists, the gallery will also provide a platform for artists from Bay Ridge, according to Bardo. 

“There will also be an exhibit in the spring curated by Mollie Flanagan that will highlight the works of artists and activists living and working in the Bay Ridge community,” Bardo said. “My real hope for Stand4 Gallery is that it is a place that all members of the community can step into and feel like they are welcome.” 

Flanagan and Bardo are the co-curators of the current exhibition “Reconceived Notions.” 

The idea behind Stand4 Gallery was to create an exhibition space overseen by artists, Bardo said.

“Stand4’s pursuit is to be alive and working towards a better world through the arts as an active medium of engagement.  Stand4 serves as a generator of meaning, action, agency, collaboration, and social justice,” she told the Eagle.

The gallery includes working studios for four artists. Bardo, Avelluto, David Gitt and Danielle Bullock are currently working in the studios. 

Bardo revealed that Stand4 Gallery got its name from an old song by the 1980s band REM.

“Whenever I would think of ways to be a part of a better world that I envision for my own children I would sing REM’s song ‘Stand’ in my head. The idea is simple and doable when feeling overwhelmed with the issues that worry us,” she said. “I was born and raised in Bay Ridge, I raised my own children here and I have worked here as an art educator for 18 years. It is the place where I live and work and I love this community. It is diverse and ever-changing, which is what makes it special.”


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