Who’s building houses in Gravesend these days?

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September 13, 2017 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Welcome to Gravesend, where handsome new homes can be found, many built in recent years. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan

Question: Who’s building big houses in Gravesend these days?

Answer: Some important figures in New York City real estate and commerce.

The construction sites are in Gravesend’s Syrian Jewish enclave, where mansions are concentrated in an area bounded by East 1st Street and Ocean Parkway and Kings Highway and Avenue U. See related story.

Here are a few of them:

* A one-story extension is being added to the house at 409 Avenue T, city Buildings Department filings indicate. According to city Finance Department records, an LLC with Jeff Sutton as a member owns the property.

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Sutton is the billionaire founder and president of Wharton Properties, which owns retail real estate on important New York City commercial corridors.

* Two new houses are taking shape behind a construction fence on Avenue T near the corner of East 1st Street.

One house is being built at 367 Avenue T, which belongs to an LLC with Elliot Betesh as a member, Finance Department records indicate.

The other house, which is being built at 377 Avenue T, belongs to Joseph R. Betesh, Eddie Fallack and Elliot Betesh as trustees of the Raymond Betesh 2006 Irrevocable Trust, Finance Department records show.

Elliot Betesh is the president of clothing and footwear chain Dr. Jay’s. Joseph Betesh is a co-owner of Dr. Jay’s and a real-estate investor.

* The horizontal and vertical enlargement of a house at 2047 East 3rd St. is underway, Buildings Department filings indicate. Jack Cayre owns the house, Finance Department records show.

He’s one of the heads of Midtown Equities, a real-estate investment and development firm founded by his father Joe Cayre. Midtown Equities and its joint-venture partners recently restored and redeveloped the historic Empire Stores complex in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  

* A new house is under construction at 2105 East 4th St. The property belongs to Jeffrey Gindi, Finance Department records show. He’s a former operator of the Oak Room and Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel.

The Gindi family’s claim to fame is Century 21, the discount department store chain it founded in the  1960s.

* A new house is under construction at 2133 East 4th St. According to Finance Department records, the property belongs to an LLC with Marcus Adjmi as a member.

His email address links him to the Adjmi family’s real-estate investment and management firm, A & H Acquisitions, and the family’s property-management company, ACHS Management.

* Site prep is underway at 464 Avenue S, where a new house will be built.

Jeffrey Franco and Arlette Franco are the owners of the property, Finance Department records show.

His email address links him to Franco Manufacturing, a family company that makes children’s and teens’ bedding, blankets, pillows, and towels.


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