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Do you know the way to Parrott Place?

Eye on Real Estate: Once you find Dyker Beach Golf Course, you're close

August 30, 2017 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Welcome to Parrott Place, a quiet street tucked between the Gowanus Expressway and Dyker Beach Golf Course. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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Do you know the way to Parrott Place?

If you can answer this question without looking it up on your phone, you really know your way around Brooklyn.

This charming residential street is in a cranny of the borough tucked between the Gowanus Expressway and Dyker Beach Golf Course, with 86th Street to the north and the Fort Hamilton military base to the south and west.

Fillmore Real Estate refers to this area as Dyker Park.

It’s on the edge of Dyker Heights, whose western boundary, according to the Dyker Heights Civic Association, is Seventh Avenue.  

So. To find Parrott Place, you start off in Bay Ridge — which is where the closest subway stop can be found.

Walk east on 92nd Street on the overpass spanning the Gowanus Expressway.

On the eastern side of the overpass, first there is Dahlgren Place.

The next cross street to the east is Battery Avenue, which we’ll return to in a minute.

If you were to go too far east, you’d wind up on Seventh Avenue. But you won’t. Because right overhead you will see a sign that says “Parrott Pl.”

Don’t turn right, or you’ll pass through the gates of Poly Prep, which is off limits unless you’re the parent of a student there.

Instead, turn left and cross 92nd Street.


Tudor roofs and Spanish Mission-style homes

There are rowhouses on Parrott Place. One has a mailbox that’s decorated to look like a giant parrot, in reference to the name of the street. Some have Tudor-style roofs.  

The semi-attached home at 32 Parrott Place was sold in May for $1.25 million, city Finance Department records indicate. Chun Ye was the buyer.

Ben Bay Realty Co. listing agent Christine Olivieri’s sign was still hanging in front of the house on the day we took a stroll through the area.

Just south of 86th Street, Parrott Place and Seventh Avenue converge. There’s an old-fashioned clapboard house painted blue with a matching picket fence at 8618 Seventh Ave.

The house last changed hands in December 2014, when Luis Salas and Jamie Salas bought it for $530,000, Finance Department records indicate.

In the musical “On the Town,” sailors visiting New York City sing, “The Bronx is up, but the Battery’s down.”

That Battery’s in Lower Manhattan, of course. There’s also a street called Battery Avenue, which is located in Brooklyn. It runs parallel to Parrott Place.

Battery Avenue has plenty of picturesque sights, though it’s just a few blocks long.

For instance, a tiny mermaid sculpture sits beside a tiny fish pond outside 157 Battery Ave. A big house at 235 Battery Ave. has an arbor with lush vines.

Semi-attached houses at 240-242 Battery Ave. look like one big Spanish Mission-style hacienda with a barrel-tile roof. The houses were built several years ago. Henry Radusky of Bricolage Designs was their architect, city Buildings Department records indicate.

Stephen Cilento owns 240 Battery Ave. and Maria Georgakopoulos owns 242 Battery Ave., Finance Department records indicate.  

Battery Avenue dead-ends alongside Poly Prep’s sports fields.

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