Bay Ridge hero from London attack recommended for ROTC’s Medal of Heroism

July 28, 2017 Jaime DeJesus
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The spotlight continues to shine on Bay Ridge’s own Mark Kindschuh.

The 19-year-old Boston College student who was in a London bar with friends on June 3 during the terror attacks there and tended to a victim bleeding after a stab wound has been recommended for the ROTC’s Medal of Heroism by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and Congressmember Dan Donavan.

“I ran over to a man on the ground who had a head wound and I used my belt as a tourniquet to apply pressure and slow down the flow of blood,” Kindschuh told this paper when he was honored by Borough President Eric Adams as hero of the month earlier this summer.  “I was able to do that and just keep pressure the whole time because the flow of blood was tremendous.”

Kindschuh was also honored by local Councilmember Vincent Gentile, who invited him to City Hall on July 20 to accept a proclamation marking his brave actions.

Kindschuh said his training helped him aid the victim. “I wasn’t calm, but I was able to respond well in that situation because of the training I’ve experienced as an ROTC Cadet and Army Cadet,” he said. “We’re taught how to do first aid. My training definitely helped me respond.”

The U.S. Army Medal of Heroism is a U.S. military decoration awarded by the Department of the Army to an ROTC cadet who performs an act of heroism.  The performance must have involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities, exemplifying praiseworthy fortitude and courage. It is also the highest Department of the Army medal awarded to ROTC cadets.

Both Schumer and Donovan praised the Bay Ridge hero.

“Not only as an American, but as a New Yorker and lifelong Brooklynite, I am so proud of ROTC cadet Mark Kindschuh for the heroism he displayed during the tragic London attack,” said Schumer. “On that fateful day, Mark risked his own life by running towards the danger, not away from it, to save the life of a complete stranger and because of his actions, that man is alive today. If there’s anyone who deserves the ROTC’s Medal of Heroism, it’s Mark Kindschuh and that’s why Congressman Donovan and I are proudly recommending Mark for this high honor.”

“This young man’s heroics made his city and country proud,” added Donovan. “Mark’s quick and decisive action saved a stranger’s life, and it’s that kind of selfless courage that makes our armed forces the greatest in the world. I look forward to following what will surely be a bright and impactful career in military service for Mark.”

The duo wrote a letter to Acting Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Robert M. Speer recommending Kindschuh for the honor. “We can think of no other individual who would be more highly suited for this award than Mark Kindschuh,” they said. “His aforementioned actions, performed under great duress and demonstrating the utmost selflessness should be celebrated. It is our hope that the Department of the Army will recognize and reward his heroic deed.”

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