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July 28, 2017 Helen Klein
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In this photo, from the files of this newspaper, one of the area’s cinematic treasures, the RKO Dyker, is seen in its last days.

The photo, taken in 1975 during the run of “The Outer Space Connection,” evokes that period, thanks to the presence of now-vintage vehicles in front. The theater, which was located on 86th Street near Gelston Avenue, opened in November, 1926, according to the website Cinema Treasures, and became an RKO theater in 1928. It was shuttered just a little more than a half century after it first opened its doors in March, 1977, says Cinema Treasures, which cites the last film screened there as “The Domino Principle.”

Today, the space is occupied by Modell’s, and remnants of the theater including “the repainted auditorium ceiling, upper proscenium and upper side walls” can be seen on the upper level, Cinema Treasures reports.

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