Judge remands man who tried to grab cop’s gun

Orders temporary custody awaiting medical evaluation

July 27, 2017 By Paul Frangipane Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Kurdel Emmanuel was remanded at Brooklyn Supreme Court Thursday after he was released without bail previously. Photo courtesy of the NYPD
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A man who was previously released without bail by a Brooklyn judge after he allegedly tried to grab a cop’s gun in a Bushwick precinct, was put in handcuffs Thursday when a different judge ordered a psychiatrist test.

“I do believe some bail is appropriate,” Judge William Miller said in Brooklyn Supreme Court, before he ordered a temporary remand of Kurdel Emmanuel for a mental evaluation.

Emmanuel, 29, left the court in handcuffs and his street clothes as his step-mother watched with her mouth gaped.

Prosecutors said there was serious possibility Emmanuel would not return to court if released and argued for $300,000 bail.

Defense lawyer, Matthew Scott argued for no bail and assured Judge Miller that Emmanuel would return.

Emmanuel allegedly told police that he blacked out and heard voices when he tried to remove Officer Lauren Morales’ gun at the 83rd precinct.

“When things don’t go right, I hear voices in my head,” Emmanuel allegedly told police. “If I got a hold of the gun, I could have killed everyone.”

Emmanuel allegedly lunged at Morales in the precinct and clutched onto her gun belt, trying to pull out her gun on July 8, according to court documents.

Morales suffered bruising and swelling on her arm and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Law enforcement outrage came the next day when Emmanuel was released without bail by Judge Loren Baily-Schiffman, four days after police officer Miosotis Familia was killed by mentally ill Alexander Bonds.

“It is unconscionable that Judge Baily-Schiffman refused to remand this homicidal/suicidal man into custody for his own sake and the sake of our members and the public,” patrolmen’s benevolent association president, Patrick Lynch said in a statement.

Emmanuel was hospitalized at Kings County Hospital for two weeks before his Thursday court date, Scott said.

Scott added that Emmanuel was attending therapy before the incident.

Emmanuel faces a maximum seven years in prison if convicted.

Emmanuel’s family members did not wish to comment.

He is set to appear in court September 6.

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