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Interns for the court honored during awards ceremony

May 26, 2017 By Lisa Flaugh Special to the Brooklyn Eagle
Justice Deborah Dowling speaks to the students from the Kings County Courts Student Employment & Internship Program during Wednesday’s awards ceremony. Photos by Rod Randall
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The students of the Kings County Courts Student Employment & Internship Program were honored and given awards during a ceremony at the Kings County Supreme Court in Downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday after they successfully completed the semester.

Hon. Matthew D’Emic, Hon. Lawrence Knipel, Hon. Deborah Dowling and Hon. Evelyn Laporte were joined by chief clerks Daniel Alessandrino and Charles Small to give short speeches to the students to encourage them to reach their potential as they continue to grow.

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“Work as hard as you can because you cannot put a price on education,” Laporte told the students. “Do whatever it is that you need to do or sacrifice in order to get an education because everything else can be taken away from you, except your education. That will stay with you until you die.”

Students in the program came from St. Joseph High School, ASA College and Medgar Evers College. At the ceremony, guest speaker Kareem McQuilkin was invited to help inspire students as they continue forward with their futures.

McQuilkin was a former Kings County Court intern and has led an ambitious life. He is currently in his seventh year of teaching social studies at The Academy of Innovative Technology High School in Cypress Hills, where he also coaches JV football and basketball.

McQuilkin earned his Bachelor of Arts in sociology at SUNY Stony Brook, his Masters of Arts in science of education at Long Island University, and is currently a student at the CUNY Hunter College CLASS program to become a school administrator. His message to the students was to always remember that you already possess everything you need to move forward.

“What do you do when nobody’s watching?” McQuilkin asked. “Do you value who you are and what you already possess? When I was 17 years old, I took up an internship right here at the Supreme Court. I had no idea that in the summer of 2003 that in May of 2017 I would be here speaking to you. I discovered my purpose that summer — to impact my community in a positive manner. You are here for a reason, my young brothers and sisters.”

The ceremony awarded all students with certificates of participation, recognized students with perfect time and attendance and also those who earned perfect evaluations.

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