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The latest condo closings at Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park

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May 24, 2017 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Recent condo sales at Pierhouse, seen here from Brooklyn Heights' Promenade, include one for $7.8 million. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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Wanna know who the newest Pierhouse condo owners are? Of course you do.

The priciest apartment that was recently purchased at Toll Brothers and Starwood Capital Group’s condo and hotel complex in Brooklyn Bridge Park belongs to Amy Weinfeld Schulman.

She paid $7,789,612 for the apartment, city Finance Department records indicate.

She’s a Yale-educated lawyer who served as the general counsel of Pfizer and headed its $4 billion consumer healthcare business, whose brands include Advil, Centrum and Chapstick. She left the pharmaceutical giant in December 2013.

Schulman is currently a partner at venture-capital firm Polaris.

And she is the co-founder and CEO of Lyndra Inc., a company that has developed formulations for ultra-long-acting, sustained-release oral medicines. She is also the executive chair of SQZ Biotech and Olivo Labs. All three businesses are located in the Boston area.

Also, she is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

Priciest purchase to date was made by Timothy and Stephanie Ingrassia

Pierhouse’s condos are located in two buildings at 90 Furman St. and 130 Furman St.

Glass-faced 60 Furman St. is where 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge can be found.

The development, which has 106 residential condo units, has been a magnet for well-heeled real-estate purchasers, who are paying prices of $2,000-plus per square foot for the apartments.

Pierhouse has caused legal controversy over the issue of whether the building partly blocks the protected view plane between Brooklyn Heights’ Promenade and the Brooklyn Bridge.  

Sales of dozens of the apartments have closed since Eye on Real Estate started writing about the transactions in February.

At this point, the highest-priced Pierhouse purchase remains that of Timothy and Stephanie Ingrassia, who also own an 1840s Greek Revival-style house at 140 Columbia Heights in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District.

As we previously reported, the couple paid $10,669,579 for their Pierhouse condo, Finance Department records indicate.

Timothy Ingrassia is a banker at Goldman Sachs.

Other big-ticket deals in the offing

Another Pierhouse condo is in contract that could turn out to be more expensive than theirs, if its  closing price is close to its $11.179 million asking price, which is posted on

According to the real-estate website, this three-bedroom, 5,586-square-foot apartment has 3,407 square feet of outdoor space.

We just checked Finance Department records and saw that either the closing has not yet occurred, or the deed has not yet been recorded.

A second Pierhouse condo that’s in contract is going to be on a top rung of the price ladder if it closes near its $10.4 million asking price. describes it as a five-bedroom, 4,264-square-foot apartment with 1,594 square feet of outdoor space.

Other Pierhouse condo purchasers

But back to Pierhouse’s done deals. The new owners of two recently purchased Pierhouse condos recently sold apartments in Brooklyn, Finance Department records indicate.  

* Wai Lui Fung paid $3,093,799 for a Pierhouse apartment.

In January 2017, Fung and two co-owners sold a condo at 1 Northside Piers in Williamsburg for $1.45 million. Fung had held a 90 percent interest in that apartment.  

* Sain Sain Lu and Michael Chua bought a Pierhouse condo for $2,854,511.

In October 2016, they sold a condo at the Sweeney Building at 30 Main St. in DUMBO for $2.7 million.

Lu and Chua had purchased the condo at 30 Main St. for $1,201,535 in 2003.

Finance Department records also reveal these names and prices paid for recently closed Pierhouse condos:

* Brian S. Snyder, $6,622,036

* Jordan T. Woods and Jillian S. Woods, $6,112,911

* David Epstein and Bonnie Epstein, $3,898,217

* Ian Ross, $3,047,978

* Jiong John Wang, $2,803,598


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