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Kings Beer Hall to host evening of beer and food pairing

Enjoy a Memorable Meal Paired with the Perfect Beer

May 12, 2017 By John Alexander Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Kings Beer Hall
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Beer and food pairing is an art, and the Kings Beer Hall (KBH) has mastered it. They have found the secret of matching any meal with just the right beer that will best enhance your dining experience.

On Monday, May 22, Kings Beer will host an evening of beer and food pairing. “This dinner is about introducing Brooklyn foodies to our brand new menu,” said bar manager and “Beer Maestro” Kenneth Jimenez.

“We’ve expanded our selection and have added awesome new items like our Beef on Weck (roast beef dipped in au jus with horseradish served on a salted caraway seed bun) and the Chicken and Waffle Tenders served with a spicy maple dip. We want to show off our new menu alongside our expansive draft beer selection.

“The perfect beer for a main course depends on the course you’re having,” he added. “Easily, as with wine, red or darker cuts of meat go with darker beers — a porter with steak or a white with fish — which can become far more complex depending on the preparation of the dinner. Even the preparation of the dinner will alter one’s choice for its finest pairing, as a coffee stout will suit a dinner with mole sauce, or an IPA with citra hops instead of mosaic hops for fish and chips.”

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Jimenez has been at KBH for a year and a half and admits that he has not seen an establishment grow as fast as this one. This will be their first food and beer pairing event, and they hope to soon be introducing regular tasting nights at the beer hall.

Jimenez offered some specific examples of some foods he would pair with a particular kind of beer:


  • Steak, lamb, or dry rubbed ribs — Founders Porter

  • Fried fish or fried shrimp — Sierra Nevada Torpedo

  • Sweet and savory wings — Abita Wrought Iron IPA

  • Jerk rubs — Montauk Wave Chaser IPA or Watermelon Session Ale

  • Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies — Abita Purple Haze

  • Thin Mints — Sam Smith Chocolate Stout


When asked whether beer pairing would work with all meals, Jimenez responded, “Absolutely! There are indeed breakfast, coffee and espresso stouts, best served room temperature or slightly chilled and sipped over the course of a full breakfast. These tend to have rather high ABV, but with the inclusion of coffee roasts, it does tame it a bit of the booziness. Nonetheless, [it is] a wonderful way to start a very comfortable Sunday to stay in.”

As for lunch, Jimenez said he would “highly recommend seeking a sessionable beer (usually labeled ‘Session’) for its low-ABV, but still very flavorful.” Session ales [go well] with a salad, he explained, while session pale ales and IPAs pair nicely with heartier lunches such as sandwiches or a burger.

After dinner becomes interesting, according to Jimenez, because of the many available choices in dessert beers.

“They aren’t very well recognized to the palate of most beer drinkers, with strong flavors of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, sometimes peanut butter or tiramisu. [They are] the type of beer to enjoy over an extended period of time and as a nightcap.”

You can rest assured that the Beer Maestro has something memorable planned KBH’s first food and beer pairing event.  So mark your calendar for Monday, May 22 at 7 p.m., when for just $40, you can enjoy the finest food matched with the perfect beer.



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