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Sheepshead Bay, old and new: Flood-prone bungalows are being rebuilt or sold

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April 19, 2017 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Sheepshead Bay has old-fashioned bungalows, such as the ones seen here on Canda Avenue. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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Evil Sandy.

Superstorm Sandy, which slammed into New York City on Oct. 29, 2012, did dire damage to some of Sheepshead Bay’s old-fashioned bungalows.

The distinctive bungalows are located on streets and pedestrian pathways near Emmons Avenue, which runs along Sheepshead Bay’s shoreline. We walked along some of these blocks the other day when we were in Sheepshead Bay looking at the neighborhood’s old and new housing stock.

Nearly four and a half years after the killer hurricane, some bungalow owners are rebuilding them according to zoning regulations concerning construction in flood zones. Other owners are demolishing flood-damaged bungalows and building entirely new houses. Others are selling their homes.

For example, take a look at the bungalows on Brown Street near Emmons Avenue.

According to city Finance Department records and city Buildings Department records, Arthur Schwartzberg, a long-time owner of 2790 Brown St., built a new foundation and piling system to lift his house above the flood plain.

There’s a construction fence around the home next door, 2788 Brown St. On March 21, the Buildings Department issued a permit for a partial job to construct a new foundation and piling system to raise this house above the flood plain. Finance Department and Buildings Department records identify William Gibbons as a long-time owner of this property.

The next house in this row, 2786 Brown St., is brand-new.

Demolition started in April 2015 on the single-family, one-story bungalow that had stood there. It had been damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Buildings Department filings indicate.

The property owner, identified in Buildings Department and Finance Department records as Kim Nicastro, built a new single-family, two-story house on top of ground-level storage space.

The Buildings Department issued a final certificate of occupancy for the new house in November 2016.

Further down the block, the owners of a bungalow at 2822 Brown St., John Mucci and Laura Rykala, sold it for $305,000 this past November, Finance Department records indicate. The buyer was Keep Growing LLC with Hai Shan Lu as member.


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