Bay Ridge

Adelphi Academy show flashes back to 1980s

April 12, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
The cast and crew of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s production of “Back to the 80’s” had a great time bringing that decade back to life.

The clock was turned back 30 years at Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn as members of the school’s Adelphian Masquers Drama Society and Theater Arts Program performed “Back to the 80’s … The Totally Awesome Musical!” Presented in association with the Adelphian Players Community Theater Organization through a special arrangement with Music Theatre International, the musical drew sold-out crowds when it was performed on a recent weekend at the academy at 8515 Ridge Blvd. in Bay Ridge. The fun for audiences came largely from the fact Adelphi students and faculty members portrayed memorable characters surrounded by the nostalgia of all things 80’s.

The show is set in William Ocean High School and features an older Corey Palmer (voiced by Adelphi Director of Operations Albert C. Corhan) reflecting on his high school experiences. He chronicles the romantic misadventures of young Corey, portrayed by Joshua Korsunsky in his breakthrough theatrical performance, and his rivalry with the coolest kid in school, Michael Feldman (Eric Furman), as they each attempt to win the heart of Tiffany Houston (Nicole Fabian). Among the show’s highlights were performances of such iconic 1980s songs as: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” “Love Shack” and “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” Fabian joined students Regina Levy (Cyndi) and Natalie Fabian (Kim) and Hazel Budker (Mel) to lead the Teen Girl Chorus in an energetic performance of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Furman and Matthew Buono (Lionel) joined castmates Eduard Rabayev (Huey) and Andre Pantaleo (Billy) in portraying the coolest kids in school. Nikki Fregara, Adelphi’s art instructor, served as one of the show’s directors and played technology-obsessed school nerd Feargal McFerrin III. She also sang “Video Killed the Radio Star,” joined by students Jade Beltre (Debbie) and Christie Fernandez (Laura). The musical number was choreographed by Elizabeth Giacchino.

Other cast members included Luke Gemma, Ania John, Sakara Carter, Isaac Nasimov, Diana Nunez, Kiavana Garraway and Albert Mauti.

“The 1980s was a fun and exciting decade that gave birth to so many interesting and exciting ideas and concepts,” said Head of School Iphigenia Romanos. “Many of us lived it and have some wonderful memories. But it’s been a lot of fun watching many of the students discover the 1980s for the first time while preparing for this fantastic, high-energy production.” The show was directed by Christine Colacrai. The musical director was Robert Bates. Nikki Fregara served as stage director. Arthur Furman, a 2016 graduate of Adelphi, was the assistant director. The musical was produced by Corhan.