Dash of design comes to Bridgeview Diner

March 8, 2017 Danielle Kogan
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The Bridgeview, a Bay Ridge eatery full of history, is more than just your average diner.

A longtime mainstay in the neighborhood, the Bridgeview enjoyed a $1 million renovation, inside and out, after its purchase two years ago by diner impresario Dimitrios Kaloidis, who also owns Brooklyn’s Floridian and Arch Diners, as well as the Georgia and Nevada Diners and Terrace on the Park in Queens.

Besides the physical improvements, the menu was also revamped by General Manager and Executive Chef Chris Kyriacou, who said that coming soon were a new cocktail menu featuring exotic drinks as well as a new appetizer finger-food menu, with over 50 different items.

The revamp, General Manager Chris Kyriacou told this paper, is indicative of the service the diner is known for.

“[It] lets people know how much we care about the place,” said Kyriacou, who called the restaurant a fresh start for him, saying it felt like he “built it from scratch.”

But, the Bridgeview’s true claim to fame lies in more than just its scenery and service. When it comes to flavors it’s “how you mix ’em, how you match ’em, how much of what you put, and how you put it in,” said Kyriacou of the diner’s beloved menu. He credits his customers with maintaining his standard, stressing that they would be immediately aware if a meal had a sauce with even a smidgen of extra salt.

That’s what’s truly special, he said, and what makes the Bridgeview Diner a Bay Ridge staple.

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