Caribbean business threatened with eviction gets new lease

February 22, 2017 Danielle Kogan
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Errol’s Bakery, a Jamaican eatery famous for its jerk chicken, just won a new lease at an affordable rent from landlord Rothstein Management, thanks to a #SaveErrolsBakery Campaign started by grassroots anti-gentrification group Equity for Flatbush.

After hearing that Errol’s was going to be evicted after its lease ran out, E4F reached out to Dorothy and Errol Miller before launching petitions that amassed over 1,500 signatures, and filming a video “calling on Rothstein Management to do the right thing.”

Initially, a judge ruled that the Millers would have to vacate the premises by February 28, 2017 after a temporary extension on the lease until December 16, 2016.

E4F leader Soraya Palmer said, “The #SaveErrolsBakery campaign has been very important to us because it demonstrates both how much people appreciate small businesses in our neighborhoods and what is possible when a community comes together. People from all over the city participated in getting out flyers and posting the petition on social media. We had over 25 people come out in a snowstorm on January 7 to show their support for Errol’s Bakery.”

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Errol’s Bakery is located at 661 Flatbush Avenue.

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